How Outsourcing Typing Services Can Boost Your Business Productivity

Businesses face challenges in ironing out their documentation process to improve their work efficiency, as it takes a lot of time. Inefficiencies, bureaucracy, and redundant tasks hinder the company’s progress. Fortunately, outsourcing professional typing services can minimize these burdens and maximize your benefits.

Typing service providers offer varied tie-in solutions to different industries. The applications are endless, from legal proceedings to business meetings. However, how exactly do these services benefit different industries? What advantages do they bring regarding productivity, accessibility, and compliance?

In this article, you’ll learn: 

  • Outsourcing typing services can improve productivity, allowing businesses to focus on earning strategies instead of spending time typing.
  • Professional typing services can assist different industries because they have expertise and understanding of terminologies, jargon, and formatting standards.
  • With the help of professional typing services, businesses can improve communication, meet deadlines, and maintain a professional image.

What Is A Professional Typing Service?

Unlike transcription services, which convert your audio to text, professional typing services offer a typed version of various types of written content. 

Ditto’s professional typing services specialize in converting handwritten notes, audio recordings (mp3/wav files), or other types of files into typed documents at a highly accurate level. 

Apart from that, professional typing services often offer additional features like formatting, proofreading, and editing to improve the quality of the documents.

Cases Where Outsourcing Typing Services Can Be Beneficial

Now that we’ve covered the definitions let’s consider some instances where professional typing services can be practical. 

Type of DocumentBenefit from Typing Services
Legal DocumentsAccuracy and professionalism
ManuscriptsFormatting and readability
Business PlansClarity and structure
Academic PapersProper citation formatting
ResumesProfessional presentation
LettersFormality and correctness
ReportsConsistency and clarity
ContractsLegibility and precision
GrantsCompliance with guidelines

Benefits Of Professional Typing Services For Business

I’ve been saying that professional service can bring a lot to the table for business. Well, it’s true, and here’s proof:

Better Accuracy

Typing services require a high level of accuracy. Our professionals pay meticulous attention to detail to produce documents with few to no errors, misspellings, or inconsistencies. 

This accuracy is particularly useful for those who work with documents where even the slightest mistakes can have major consequences, like legal, medical, or financial documents. Professional typing services such as Ditto employ quality control measures like proofreading and double-checking to ensure the final output’s accuracy—at least in an ideal world. 

Subject Matter Expertise

Another benefit of professional typing services is the subject matter expertise they have.

Many typing services specialize in specific industries or fields, such as legal, medical, or technical domains. They employ professional typists knowledgeable about terminologies, jargon, and formatting standards specific to these areas.

For that reason, business owners can sleep well at night knowing that their documents will be typed accurately and will follow industry standards.

Time Savings

For businesses, time is money. Fortunately, professional typing services can save you a lot of time, allowing you to focus more on revenue-generating activities like business operations.

Handing over data typing tasks to services eliminates the need to allocate employees’ time and frees them up for more strategic initiatives. On a related note, investing in typing services could increase business productivity since they have the expertise and are faster than your average employee.

Cost Efficiency

Cost efficiency is another benefit that you can expect from typing services. According to a recent study by the Society for Human Resource Management, the cost of hiring an employee alone is around $4,700—excluding salaries, benefits, training, and the provision of necessary equipment and software.

On the other hand, outsourcing typing lets businesses pay only for the specific tasks they require, without the overhead costs associated with maintaining a full-time employee. A pay-per-use model is particularly helpful for those with fluctuating typing demands since they can scale their usage according to their needs.

Now, if you want to maximize cost efficiency, professional typing services like Ditto Transcripts offer affordable rate structures so businesses can access high-quality typing assistance at a fraction of the cost of hiring in-house staff.

What are Ditto’s Rates for Typing Services?*

Ditto Transcription Services Typing Rates chart

*Disclaimer: Prices displayed are for regular documents and are subject to change depending on word density, legibility, and other factors. Please send samples of your documents for more accurate pricing.

Our typist rates vary depending on what exactly you are looking for. Our medical transcription services rates are by the line (starting at 10 cents per line and up to 16 cents per line), and our legal and law enforcement transcription services rates are by the minute or page. If you need copy typing, those rates differ slightly as we charge by the page.

Customer Service

Customer service is the backbone of every business, and typing service companies are no exception. Since 2010, Ditto Transcripts values clear communication, responsiveness, and adaptability to meet clients’ needs.

Our customer support team is always available to answer any questions and assist you with any concerns or special requests your business may have. We also have a user-friendly platform so businesses can easily submit tasks or receive completed documents—at least in an ideal world.


Over 353 million Americans were affected by 3205 data breaches in 2023. So, robust security should be a non-negotiable.  

Professional typing services like Ditto need to impose strict data protection, such as a secure file transfer system, encrypted storage, and limited access control. That way, you can have peace of mind knowing that your data remains confidential. 

When you work with Ditto, you never have to worry about security. Our FINRA, HIPAA and CJIS-compliant security protocols protect every byte of data that passes through our servers. We also require team members to sign non-disclosure agreements for added protection. 

Better Communication

Although it might not be obvious, accurate documents can improve communication within the organization and with external stakeholders. They ensure that information is conveyed clearly, avoiding potential miscommunications. 

Elevated levels of documentation accuracy are also particularly useful for businesses that rely on contracts, proposals, or client correspondence.

Furthermore, professionally typed documents project a professional image that shows the business’s attention to detail and quality. 

On top of that, the efficiency of professional typing services lets businesses respond more quickly to communication needs, meaning they can improve response times to keep projects moving—a win-win for businesses and clients.


Professional typing services provide a flexible approach by accommodating the different preferences of clients. 

They can adapt to meet the demands of businesses requiring a one-time project and continuous support. Formatting guidelines can also be provided to ensure that all documents align with your company’s workflow. 

There is no need to waste time and adjust whatever needs adjusting; it’s all there from the get-go. 

Fast Turnaround Time

Business environments are often described as fast-paced, so the ability to receive accurate digital documents quickly is one crucial factor in maintaining operational flow. Fortunately, services like Ditto Transcripts guarantee fast turnaround time without sacrificing the quality of the final output. 

We understand the need, so we only employ highly trained typists who can complete documents in a shorter period. We offer various turnaround options, too, so businesses can choose the speed of delivery that best suits their needs and is well within their budgets. 

Choose The Best, Choose Ditto As Your Typing Service Provider

The benefits of outsourcing typing services outweigh the additional resources to do it yourself. Fortunately, you don’t need to DIY it. Outsource your typing service needs to skilled experts like Ditto Transcripts and see the difference today.

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