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Are you seeking a reliable legal typing service with quick turnaround times and affordable rates?

Ditto Transcripts is the company you’re looking for. Since 2010, we have provided legal typing services for hundreds of law firms, businesses, and private citizens in our home state of Colorado and beyond.

Our workers are experts at typing up legal documents and digitizing them into your preferred format and timeline, all while maintaining strict compliance with the standards expected of professional legal files.

Typing legal papers is a labor-intensive endeavor that can keep you from spending time on more important activities. So if you want to lighten your administrative workload, free up your schedule, and focus on your core functions, we recommend outsourcing your typing tasks to a document preparation services provider like Ditto Transcripts.

Ditto Transcripts’ experienced team of legal typists can provide ready-to-use documents for various purposes and entities. Whether you’re an individual, organization, or corporation, we can type up the following legal documents for you:

  • Rental contracts
  • Real estate agreements
  • General correspondence
  • Partnership agreements
  • Sale documents
  • Legal pleadings
  • Discovery materials
  • Orders
  • Motions
  • Court forms
  • Power of attorney
  • Affidavits
  • Wills
  • And more

Ditto Transcripts understands that legal files must be handled with the utmost confidentiality. On that note, we have trained our typists to provide secure data entry services you can trust. Moreover, we have them sign an NDA before working on a project to ensure that all files remain safe and private.

Typing legal documents requires expertise and tremendous amounts of time and effort. There’s no room for error when it comes to legal matters because even one mistake can lead to misunderstandings and delays.

When everything has to be accurate, doing it on your own—especially if you lack the necessary skills or equipment—may not give you ideal results. The perfect alternative to doing it yourself and hiring in-house typing staff (which can be costly) is hiring a specialized service provider with a strong team of workers who can professionally handle your documents.

Here are a few more reasons why outsourcing legal typing services is best:

Saves time

Preparing legal documents is both a time- and labor-intensive task. By offloading the typing work to professional typists, busy legal professionals who often handle large volumes of paperwork can complete more important tasks, increase efficiency, and improve productivity, helping them meet tight deadlines.


Legal typing services employ staff experienced in legal transcription and knowledgeable about legal jargon and formatting requirements. With experts doing the work, you can rest assured that your legal files will be accurate and well-presented.

High accuracy

Outsourcing your legal typing work can reduce the risk of errors and omissions in your legal files. Access to accurate legal documents is essential to maintaining the smooth functioning of the legal system so that any potential delays and misunderstandings can be avoided.


Legal typing service providers often implement strict confidentiality policies to uphold the privacy and security of their clients’ legal documents. This is crucial, especially for something as significant and sensitive as legal data.

The Ditto Transcripts Difference

Ditto Transcripts is committed to providing guidance and support to every customer, ensuring that we remain consistent, exceed expectations, and always hold ourselves accountable.

You can never go wrong in choosing us, and here’s why:

  • We comply with the highest ethical standards: Our typists are trained to handle every project with the utmost confidentiality. They also sign non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements before starting work for us.
  • Our team has extensive experience: Our staff have 10+ years of experience and have acquired a deep knowledge and understanding of legal terminology and the legal profession itself.
  • We offer unmatched accuracy rates: We guarantee 99% accuracy for all legal typing services. Once we deliver your electronic files, they are ready to be shared. No need for further quality checks—we have done them all.
  • We deliver legal documents in your preferred format: We will convert your text-based documents into readable, searchable, and shareable electronic files. Whether you want them in PDF, MS Word (.doc, .docx), RTF, text file (txt), Excel Sheet, Google Doc, or Google Sheet form, we can do it for you.
  • We hire people you can trust: All our typists have passed extensive screening, testing, and criminal background checks.
  • We have rapid turnaround times: Our legal typing services are lightning-fast. We guarantee a 24-48 hours turnaround time for rush requests.
  • We offer affordable rates: Legal typing services don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. That’s why we offer ours at a reasonable price, starting at $0.50 per page.
  • We provide excellent customer service: As one of the fastest-growing legal typing services providers, customer satisfaction is our priority. Our customer support specialists are dedicated to answering any of your queries via phone or email.
  • We offer a free trial: If you’d like to take us for a test drive, you can try us out using our free trial—no credit card required.

What are our typing services rates per page?*

Ditto Transcription Services Typing Rates chart
*Disclaimer: Prices displayed are for regular documents and are subject to change depending on word density, legibility, and other factors. Please send samples of your documents for more accurate pricing.

Ditto Transcripts Can Provide Your Legal Typing Needs

If you need hassle-free and cost-effective legal typing services, Ditto Transcripts is the company you need. Our experienced legal typists will deliver perfect electronic files that adhere to your requested format and turnaround time so you get the best value for your investment.

Curious? Call us for more information, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our services. You may reach us at (720) 287-3710. We are open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mountain Time (Denver, Colorado).

We’re proud to represent the Arkansas State Police, the Loveland Police Department, and many other law enforcement agencies. Some of our medical, financial, legal, academic and general transcription clientele include the:

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