Law Enforcement
Transcription Rates

For same-day services expect the cost to range in the vicinity of $1.50 to $5.00 per audio minute. The precise cost is contingent on verbatim vs. non-verbatim transcription services, turnaround time requirements, number of speakers in a file and the audio file’s quality.

Know that we take law enforcement seriously. Our quality is excellent, we meet our turnaround times and we are 100% CJIS compliant. Please look at our competitive pricing below to accommodate your tight budget:

Law Enforcement Agency Transcription Pricing

law enforcement transcription rates

Figure out your budget in advance with our easy-to-use calculator.

Wait. What do the pricing categories above mean?

Category A:

  • Single-person narrative or standard one-on-one interview recorded in digital format (i.e., note taking for active or even prospective cases you may be working on).
  • You can dictate outside the courtroom once a hearing is over using our smartphone app and we can have it transcribed for you that same day or in a few days.
  • A one-on-one interview could be with your client or even a deposition preparation meeting with your client. These would also include any other official or unofficial two-person meeting or interview.

Category B:

  • Any audio with a total of three or more people, any audio with significant noise in the background, and any audio that has voices that are difficult to understand (i.e., poor recording, soft voices, etc.).
  • These could be official depositions with your client and the opposing attorney or a conference call with two other attorneys discussing a case, presentations dealing with highly scientific terminology or very thick accents; and panel discussions, focus groups, conference calls or seminars with multiple participants.

Verbatim transcripts are an addition 25 cents per minute.

Court hearings will most likely also fall into this category as well.

Significant audio would be anything that can affect the audio quality on our end making it take longer to transcribe because we can’t hear the participants very well. Loud background noise would be music, wind or the sound of the street outside coming through an open window.

Please call for an accurate quote and same day pricing. These are very hard to determine without hearing the actual audio.

Never let transcription prices handcuff you from getting high-quality services.

Bringing transcription services in-house is obscene. It leads to burnout. And burnout becomes turnover. And turnover becomes hiring new people. It’s grueling. It’s pricey. Because police officers and detectives didn’t join the force to transcribe bodycams or log overtime on a computer, it’s really for the pros. Hooray for less stress and working less hours.

Some things to note:

For same-day service, please call for those law enforcement transcription rates as there are factors to be considered before pricing your project.

Ditto Transcripts has the right to increase our law enforcement transcription rates at any time without any prior obligation due to poor audio files, verbatim transcription and more. Audio difficulties may be construed as poor quality, in-and-out fading, low-speaking voices, muffled background noises, speakers from long distances, etc.

We will inform you ahead of time of any rate increase before proceeding with your file(s).

The law enforcement transcription rates listed above do NOT include state of Colorado DMV transcripts. Transcription price for state of Colorado DMV transcripts is $3.50/page.

So, let’s get started. Call us about pricing at (720) 287-3710. We’re open between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. (MST) Monday through Friday.

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