How Medical Transcription Services Help Cardiologists

There are 127.9 million Americans with heart issues, making cardiologists essential for primary care. However much a cardiologist wants to focus on their job, certain administrative concerns like patient records and paperwork are equally important. The silver lining is that medical transcription services can help cardiologists with paperwork. Heart doctors can rest easy knowing their … Continued

How ER Transcription Streamlines Medical Data

When emergency rooms are bustling with patients, healthcare workers face stressful pursuits in delivering the best care possible. They’re juggling emergencies left and right, managing patient volumes, and ensuring accurate paperwork. Emergency room or ER transcription services can help streamline medical data and provide a saving grace for our overworked emergency personnel.  Transcription reduces time … Continued

How Specialized Transcription Services Help Oncologists 

In 2023, experts estimated that there were two million new cases of cancer in the US, with more than six hundred thousand of them resulting in death. Medical oncologists specialize in one of man’s most prevalent and devastating diseases—and they need all the help they can get. Ditto’s Oncology Transcription Services can help embattled oncologists … Continued

How to Reduce Blank Spaces in Medical Transcriptions

Medical transcriptions are a top priority in ensuring patients’ medical records are accurate, which is a big deal in promoting high-quality services. However, blank spaces in medical transcription can lead to potential medical errors. Blank spaces occur when the transcriber cannot interpret something from the dictation due to poor quality, unclear pronunciation, or complex medical … Continued

Medical Abbreviation List for Transcriptionists

Medical transcription services have become a practical option for converting voice-recorded dictations from healthcare professionals into text. Doctors often use abbreviations in their dictations to save time, so transcriptionists must be fairly familiar with commonly used medical abbreviations – which is why we created this list. Even minor mistakes in this abbreviation can result in … Continued

What are the Different Types of Medical Transcription Reports and Their Purposes?

Documentation of patient records has always been important in the healthcare industry because even the smallest errors can have consequences. Fortunately, there’s a solution that can help bridge the gap between healthcare providers and accurate medical documentation: medical transcriptions. Medical transcription reports can include consultations, psychiatric evaluations, discharge summaries, and patient medical history recordings. These … Continued

How To Avoid Common Medical Transcription Errors In Healthcare

Medical transcription services, essential for avoiding transcription errors in healthcare, are now a non-negotiable process for healthcare facilities worldwide. With them, healthcare professionals don’t have to allocate significant chunks of their time to managing medical records.  However, the process comes with its own challenges, which could strain the healthcare system if not properly managed and … Continued

How Transcription Helps Maintain Good Clinical Records

Wondering how to maintain good clinical records? Good record-keeping practice is an essential part of any business. In healthcare, though, professional documentation and record-keeping play a more crucial role and have heavier consequences than scrambling to find which files to pull up. The sheer number of patients and the endless conditions and symptoms they present … Continued

Medical Transcription: A Solution to Challenges with Electronic Health Records

Although healthcare professionals do their best to maintain accurate documentation, mistakes can still happen—that’s just human nature. However, many of these mistakes have life-threatening consequences. Fortunately, this problem can be solved by one thing: accurate medical transcription services that provide a practical approach to minimizing electronic health care records errors.  The question is, how can … Continued

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