Can Court Transcripts Be Altered? 

Fairness and honesty are the highest priorities when the legal system works as it should. Court transcripts have become crucial in legal proceedings, serving as the official word-for-word record that helps ensure justice is served. For the same reason, legal transcription services have become one of the most reliable solutions for keeping unbiased records. However, … Continued

How Long Do Court Transcripts Take?

Transcription means taking an audio or video file with spoken words and typing it into a text file (the transcript). Transcription was first created and designed to assist Egyptian kings and their governments in 3400 BCE. Court transcripts offer an official record – a written record of everything said in a trial, which becomes part … Continued

How Much Is It To Transcribe Court Proceedings?

Wondering how much it costs to transcribe court proceedings? To be sure, costs aren’t everything. When it comes to statements made in front of a judge or jury, having an accurate court transcription is crucial because every word counts. Every word spoken during a trial or hearing is captured in court transcripts. They contain all … Continued

Ever Wonder How Court Transcription Works?  Here’s How.

Wondering how court transcription works? Simply speaking, court transcriptionists listen to audio and video of trial testimony, depositions, and other trial proceedings and type out what was said into a document. The final product can be verbatim, i.e., exactly what was said, or it can be lightly edited (cleaned up verbatim), where we remove the … Continued

Looking For A Transcription Service?

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