3 Questions to Ask Your Outsourced Transcription Service Provider

Outsourcing is now a vital part of operating a business, and it’s no longer limited to traditional processes like customer services, human resources, and parts manufacturing. 

Specialized functions like transcription can now be outsourced, with several U.S.-based and offshore companies offering their services to various industries like law enforcement, legal, healthcare, academic, and business. 

With so many options, business owners and agency leaders may have a hard time choosing a provider. Several criteria can help you choose the best third-party transcription service provider — one of which is the questions you need to ask about the company before you outsource your transcription work to them. 

Question 1: How many years have you been in the outsourced transcription business?

It’s essential to know how much experience the company has within the industry. Professional transcription companies with years of experience offer a more polished service since they’ve had time to perfect their process. That means they’ve successfully adapted to the changing technology and customer needs while innovating on current technology to stay relevant and active. Furthermore, how long a company has been in operation is often a sign of reliability and stability. Otherwise, how could they stay afloat through multiple recessions and lockdowns? This should be your first question when looking to outsource your transcription needs. 

Ditto Transcripts was founded in 2008 in beautiful Denver, Colorado. We have 15 years of experience under our belt. 

Question 2: How many clients like me do you work with?

The number of clients a company has can provide insights into the company’s level of experience and market presence. A company handling outsourced transcription with a diverse and extensive client base may have encountered a variety of challenges and developed a broad skill set to address different needs. This experience can be a sign of the company’s proficiency.

Additionally, the client count can offer a glimpse into the company’s reputation and customer satisfaction. A higher number of clients, especially long-term ones, may suggest that the company delivers value and maintains positive relationships. Having clients of different sizes is also an excellent way to know how a transcription service provider handles scaling needs, making them prime candidates for your transcription work. 

Here at Ditto, we’ve worked with a wide variety of clientele in the legal, law enforcement, academic, medical, and financial industries. With our diverse and long-term experience in the service, we can pretty much transcribe anything that you throw at us. If a potential client approaches us with a project that requires capabilities we’re not sure we have, we’ll develop those and call them back and let them know we are ready. This often impresses clients, and the initiative it shows can lead to clients choosing us even though we are technically unproven. Aside from our multi-industry specialties and accurate transcription, we offer extra features like multiple turnaround time ranges, custom-format accommodations, and the best customer service in the market. 

Furthermore, we don’t limit ourselves to just transcription projects of all kinds. We offer summary services for legal depositions and translations for languages like Arabic, French, Italian, Spanish, German, and more. The wide range of services we offer makes us a great option for your next transcription outsourcing company. 

Question 3: Do you have at least three references I can call today?

Choosing the right transcription service provider is very important, so you must ensure your candidates are well worth your money, time, and trust. We know how important it is for potential clients to have the assurance that we can perform the tasks we say we can. That’s why we have three former clients ready to provide references as soon as we’re asked. All three clients have been provided with Ditto’s on-brand class of quality accurate transcription and service guarantees because we firmly believe that if we do a good job and treat our clients well, they can become some of our best salespeople.

Other considerations when choosing your outsourced transcription service partner

  • Security and confidentiality: We’re proud to state that we are both HIPAA and CJIS-compliant. Our security and privacy measures have met stringent standards and are fit for any outsourced transcription projects. 
  • Affordable transcription services: Here at Ditto, you’re not just signing up for quality transcription services. We offer affordable and standard industry rates for legal, law enforcement, and medical transcription. Our business and general transcription services are also reasonably priced. Quality and accuracy come at a cost, but we’ve successfully balanced our rates while continuing to deliver quality transcription services. 
  • Customer support: Any questions about your current transcription needs? Do you want clarification on how we do things? Do you need us to look over any completed files? We offer our clients the best customer service available today. Contact us via email, phone, mail, or fax, and we’ll be happy to assist you with any questions or concerns.
  • Trial Period: We get it. Some companies talk a good game but fall short in practice. This is why at Ditto, we offer our potential customers a chance to test-drive our services before committing to anything. Speaking of commitment—
  • No contracts, subscriptions, or lock-in periods: Want to get our services for one project? No problem. Want to scale up and give us more? We’ll take it. Ditto offers no-strings-attached quality service for any transcription needs, no matter the size, scope, or duration.  


Regardless of whether your company is in the market for a new product (like a digital tool or software platform) or requires knowledge-based work (like accounting services or SEO strategy from a specialty firm), choosing the right partner is entirely up to you. Spend the time it takes to learn everything you can about the business you’re considering partnering with. When it’s time to start working with that team, you’ll be glad you did your due diligence. 

Ditto Transcripts is a Denver, Colorado-based transcription company that provides fast, accurate, and reliable transcription services for legal, law enforcement, business, academic, and healthcare companies of all sizes. Call (720) 287-3710 today for a free quote, and ask about our free five-day trial. Visit our website for more information about our transcription services.

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