Transcription Jobs From Home

Transcription jobs from home have become an increasingly popular choice among freelancers. With clear guidelines provided by clients, they can easily check the requirements and expectations before starting a project. A lot of transcription services companies are active in taking advantage of this increased interest and are onboarding everyone they can find. 

We’re different, though. Ditto Transcripts prides itself on choosing only the best transcriptionists for our clients. 

We like ambitious, detail-oriented people with a passion to learn and a tight focus on high service quality and excellence. We’re always looking for skilled, committed, and experienced professional transcriptionists, and we offer work-from-home freelance transcription jobs with opportunities to grow in our 100% U.S.-based business. 

Want to work from home? Join Ditto Transcripts!

Take the opportunity to apply as a transcriptionist in one of the best transcription companies in the U.S. If that’s not enough, here are a few perks you’ll enjoy when working on transcription jobs from home: 

Unrivaled schedule flexibility

Do you want to work exclusively on weekdays? Or do you like to jump in on weekends? Depending on your preference, whether you want to work full-time or as a freelancer, your schedule is as flexible as you can make it. You can finish projects in one sitting or start working on them whenever you want. 

Minimal investment

You don’t have to buy new equipment. If you have a decent computer or laptop that can run multiple programs simultaneously without crashing, then you’re already one step closer to the job. We recommend at least 8GB of memory to accommodate the web-based transcription programs needed to complete your job. Your internet connection should be at least 10 Mbps so you won’t have any access problems to our tools and resources, we do however recommend 100 Mbps for faster connections to our online platform. 

If you want to step up your work setup, here are a few more things to consider. 

  • Quality, closed-back headphones: High-quality headphones are crucial when audio quality is low or when multiple people are speaking over each other. The Spectra USB Transcription Headset is an excellent choice.
  • Dual monitors: Though not essential, having two monitors has been proven to increase productivity in transcription.
  • Foot pedal: A foot pedal allows you to control actions without using a mouse. For this one, we recommend the Infinity USB Digital Foot Pedal.
  • A Mechanical keyboard: A mechanical, high-quality keyboard is essential in transcription. Your hands should rest comfortably on the keyboard, and your arms must be properly positioned for extended use.
  • Software: Transcription software helps make many computer tasks more efficient. The software most commonly used by transcriptionists typically depends on the company, but the one we recommend is Express Scribe by NCH Software. As for browsers, Safari and Google Chrome are popular with many of our transcriptionists.

You can choose your industry

Ditto offers a wide range of transcription services for medical, legal, law enforcement, academic, financial, business, and other industries and markets. We also translate documents from English to Spanish, German, French, Italian, and other languages. 

You can work from home, anytime

Yes! You can work from home — as long as you’ve got a secure internet connection and provide accurate, quality transcription service, we’re happy if you’re happy.

We compensate fairly

We understand that everybody works to earn money, and we value skilled transcriptionists that meet our qualifications and pass our examinations. You will be paid fairly and above almost all of our competitors because we want the best people possible working with us and our customers. 

We pay our online independent contractors and employees on the 1st and the 15th of every month via direct deposit and PayPal.

Online transcription job pay rates

We have a few different compensation options for our transcriptionists. Our medical transcriptionists are almost all paid by the line, while our other transcriptionists (legal, law enforcement, academic, financial…) are almost all paid by the minute.

The following pay rates are ranges and will depend on experience, turn around time, shift, and difficulty of audio.

Legal and law enforcement: $0.80 – $1.10/minute

Academic, financial, general business: $0.80 – $1.10/minute

Medical: $0.07 – $0.10/line

There are some situations where you could be paid significantly higher because of the turn around time and complexity of research involved to produce a 99% accurate transcript. We’ve paid as high as $5.00/minute for court hearings needed overnight.

Any questions about the different kinds of online transcription work we offer?

Do you feel like you have what it takes to work for our law enforcement transcription team? Or do you prefer to work in the medical field? If you’re still on the fence, we have more information about each type to help you decide.

Get started on the application process

If you’re from the United States, live there, will consent to a criminal background check, and have the experience and skill level to work with a high-quality transcription company like Ditto Transcripts, we invite you to complete our online employment form.

Qualified candidates that we feel will best fit our company and our clients will be contacted directly by our office. If you do not hear back from us, please accept our apologies in advance.

Applicants will be required to take an initiation test. To pass, you need to get at least 95% of the questions correct over a few tests covering accuracy, speed, grammar, spelling, and creating a sample transcript for a single-person narrative audio file and a multiple-person interview. Once we receive your results, we’ll review your application and give you a call to get started on this fantastic opportunity. 

Please understand that due to the high volume and time constraints, we are not able to reply to every transcription job inquiry we receive, even though we’d like to. Job positions also depend on availability. 

Note: We do not accept calls about submitted or yet-to-be-submitted online transcription job applicants. We are also unable to hire or onboard non-United States-based personnel and individuals who reside in California, New Jersey, or Massachusetts at this time.

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