Who Are The Worst Spelling Colleges in the Ivy League?

It’s no secret that Reddit has gained popularity over the years. With 48% of users in the United States alone, Reddit’s a platform that people from many different walks of life can join to discuss passionate and exciting subjects.

Nowadays, there are subreddits for everything. Want a book recommendation, a motivational tip, or to discuss the most recent game your favorite team played? The subjects covered by Reddit are endless. For this reason, students from colleges across the United States have begun to use the platform as a forum for classmates to discuss all things school-related and keep up to date with campus news.

With this in mind, thousands of threads are available to analyze, and thousands of comments within those threads. We decided to look at the subreddits of the eight Ivy League schools across America to discover which of them had the worst grammar and spelling mistake.

Worst Spelling Ivy League Schools

worst spelling ivy league school

Columbia University takes the top spot, with an average of 0.77 words misspelled in each comment throughout the threads. The private research university in New York City is the oldest educational institution in the state and was ranked 7th by CWUR in its list of the top universities in the USA 2021-2022. Not to mention, Columbia is home to the Pulitzer Prize; an award for achievements in journalism, newspaper and literature to name a few. Despite this, students misspelled an overall total of 41% of comments.

Harvard University sits in second place with 40% of comments containing spelling errors. The university in Cambridge, Massachusetts, was the only institution to receive a perfect score of 100 in CWUR’s ranking list, ranking it the number one college in the United States and the entire world. 

Claiming third place is Princeton University. With an acceptance rate of just 6%, the prestigious institution is renowned for their varsity sports. Not to mention, it’s one of few private schools that requires attending seniors to complete a thesis in the field of their choosing in order to graduate. Princeton students misspelled a total of 39% of their comments on the platform.

Cornell University finds itself narrowly escaping a top spot after 38.84% of comments contained spelling errors. Its most popular majors as of 2022 are Computer Sciences, Biological Sciences, and Industrial and Labor Relations.

Following closely behind is Brown University with 38.24%. Located in Providence, Rhode Island, Brown offers the oldest applied mathematics program in America. The research university reportedly admitted just 2,537 students to their undergraduate class of 2025 after 46,568 prospective students applied. 

Dartmouth College the smallest Ivy League school, received a score of 35.92%. Dartmouth is highly selective when accepting candidates, with an admissions rate of 6.17% for the class of 2025.

In the penultimate spot, we have Yale University, where students spelled an average of 35.34% of comments incorrectly. On the forum, students discuss job prospects, assignment deadlines, and gaining extra credit

In last place, with the best spellers of the Ivy League schools, is The University of Pennsylvania. Prospective students will need at least a GPA of 3.9 to be accepted into the prestigious school, meaning that all current students need to be at the top of their game. Therefore, it’s no surprise that students on the Reddit forum only misspelled 33.33% of their comments.

While some good-natured fun over the worst spellers in the Ivy League schools can be humorous, spelling errors in your transcriptions are no laughing matter. 

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We scraped tens of thousands of comments in Reddit forums for each Ivy League college, and ran them through an API to determine the amount of spelling mistakes per 100 words. This enabled us to place each college based on the percentage of misspellings, and create an overall ranking.

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