6 Work From Home Jobs That Let You Travel the World

The allure of traveling the world and seeing as much of it as you possibly can is an easy one to understand, even though most of us are relegated to the odd vacation every other year while we’re strapped at work the rest of the time.

With travel becoming an increasingly common priority, more people are looking for new ways to find remote-work from home jobs that give them the flexibility to work from anywhere in the world.

Are you ready to experience everything the world has to offer without missing a beat, getting to travel however often you can afford to? Take a look at 6 of these amazing work from home jobs that let you travel the world and see what catches your eye.

The Qualities You Should Look For in Jobs that Let You Travel and Work From Home

There are plenty of jobs that make it possible for you to work from home while you travel simultaneously. Of course you do have to actually work; there are very few jobs out there that are ok with you working three hours a day two days a week so you can traipse across Italy tasting wine.

That being said, there are many that will let you set your own schedule or give you flexibility; if you want to work 12 hour days for four days and then take 3 day weekends exploring a new city or just see the sites on your non-working hours, full steam ahead.

When you’re choosing a job with the goal of traveling while working, look for the following qualities:

  • The ability to work either entirely remotely, or remotely for large sections of time out of the year. It benefits you more to be able to work remotely for several months at a time instead of just one or two days a week, because it gives you more flexibility.
  • Flexibility in scheduling. Jobs that are either deadline-based or “work this many hours and you’re good” are going to be best so you can choose what hours (and time zone) you’re working based on around the things you want to see and do.
  • Limited calls or scheduled meetings; email or Slack options work best when you’re on the go.
  • Willingness to pay online. If you’re bouncing from place to place or even going full-nomad, paper checks in the mail can be tricky. Payment via direct deposit, bank transfer, or even credit cards are good choices.

In many cases, freelancing or self-employment will be the best options, and they’ll give you control of your schedule in a way that many full time jobs won’t.


Transcriptionists receive audio files from a client or agency and then transcribe them into carefully-formatted written documents. All you need is the right software to help slow down the audio, a laptop with WiFi to communicate with the client, and the time it takes to actually complete the project. Almost no training is required, and anyone can get started.

work from home transcriptionist

And if you have a special interest in a certain field, even better! Some transcriptionists prefer to work exclusively with journalists to record their interviews. At Transcription Outsourcing, we offer general transcription services in addition to specialized services in the medical, legal, business, and law enforcement industries.

Interested in getting started? We offer great pay and pride ourselves on treating our transcriptionists well. You can learn more here.

Graphic Designer

Do you have a flare for design and a talent for creative branding? Graphic designers can work anywhere, and it’s increasingly common for designers to work completely remotely with their clients. You’ll likely need to get on a few calls to talk about what the client wants, but the design work itself can be hashed out on your schedule.

work from home graphic designer

And since graphics, logos, and visual branding is an important part of marketing, you’ll always have job security.

Copywriter or Blogger

Copywriters, content marketers, and bloggers can work from anywhere and can make a stable income… as long as they’re working for someone else. Finding clients who need help with their blog or ad copy can let you write for a living from any location around the world.


Since you can typically get away with a primarily email-based relationship because you aren’t needing to do frequent interviews on a schedule like a conventional journalist, it will give you more control over your schedule.

Travel Agent

If you love traveling, why not go all in and make it part of your career, too? Travel agents should get their certification before they start, but then they can build up an entirely online travel agency to help other clients book their dream vacations (or budget vacations!).

travel agent

There are perks to this; if you have a knack for travel planning, you can put your knowledge to good use and use it to earn the income you need to travel yourself. Since you’ve been all across the globe, it will give people confidence in you, and you can even get a few ideas for yourself while helping your clients.

Online Teacher or Tutor

Want to teach English to children in other countries, or tutor U.S. students in an area of your specialty, like English or algebra? There are increasing numbers of companies that offer this opportunity to people over the age of 18, and they just ask that you’re online during the hours you set.


While tutoring and teaching conventionally happened in-person, tutoring students online or teaching students in other countries online no longer require this. Tutoring sites will require you to pass a subject test and most teaching options will require the same, if not a quick certification, but if you’re truly in a position to offer expertise you’ll pass with flying colors.


Accountants, bookkeepers, and CPAs can all work remotely if they either start their own business or if their firm allows them to work from home. Since the majority of the work just involves you crunching numbers, meetings aren’t needed frequently and you can work the hours you choose.

work from home accountant

Tax season, however, will likely be an exception, with most accountants burning the candle at both ends to get everything done. Expect to be buckled down at home this time of year, and save the traveling for warmer months.

Travel Medical Insurance

One often overlooked detail when becoming a digital nomad is health insurance. While living abroad working from the beach sounds amazing to a lot of people, getting sick or hurt while abroad can ruin your stay and deplete your bank account very quickly.

Most countries will require you to pay for any medical treatments you received before they will allow you to leave their country. You should have travel medical insurance before you head out on your next trip, and make sure it will cover whatever countries you are planning to add to your passport stamp collection.

Work From Home Conclusion

There are so many career and work options available today that didn’t even exist twenty years ago. Remote work from home is becoming more popular than ever, allowing you to live your cross-continental dreams while still maintaining financial security and independence.

These 6 work from home jobs give you the freedom to travel when and if you want, and they can all lead the way to exciting, enriching careers. If you want even more options check out our side hustles blog that has 11 more things to consider for your extra income or new fulltime job.

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