The Best Side Hustle Jobs

Earning extra income or passive income through a side hustle or part-time jobs in 2023 can pad retirement accounts, reduce student loan debt, or help you save for a major purchase. Individuals from all backgrounds and education levels can use their skills, spare time, and talents to make more money. In this article, we’ll examine several of the most lucrative side hustle ideas and freelance jobs with the potential for earning some extra money.

Not all side hustles, like ours providing transcription services, will be the perfect side hustles for your skill set. Make sure you consider every option before taking the plunge, as there are many side hustles out there to make some extra money.

Did you know that even taking online surveys can help you earn good money? Yes, you heard it right – online surveys! So, starting an online business can be a good idea if you have some spare time. All you need to do is, take an online course and learn a new skill! It’s that easy.

The era of working for one company for 30 plus years and then retiring with a gold watch and pension is rapidly declining. Sure, you can moonlight as an Uber driver or even deliver pizzas earning thousands of dollars a month. However, there are better side hustles for sure.

Our list will look at the best side hustles to make some extra cash that can also maybe even develop into a full-time job. This can also allow you to try different profitable side hustles each month, or even week if you want until you find the right one.

First – Improve Your Technology Skills

Suppose you haven’t picked up on the technology trend by now and are considering side hustling. In that case, you might miss out because many of the top side hustles will require a moderate to a high level of computer knowledge.

Yes, Gen Zers may have the upper technological hand, don’t let that keep you from understanding the latest hardware, software, and apps needed to succeed.

If your tech knowledge isn’t up to date, don’t panic. There are plenty of free online courses that can help elevate your knowledge so you can develop the viable skills needed to earn some extra money. Many free online courses will explain everything in an easy to digest format, allowing you to catch up and pass the younger generations if you so choose. 

Let’s jump in because the sooner you land one of these side hustle gigs, the sooner your bank account grows. 

What is a side hustle anyway?

A side hustle is a part-time job, gig, or venture that is done in addition to your regular job or full-time career. It is a great way of earning extra money and can provide some financial stability when times are tough.

First and foremost, side hustles require dedication, hard work, and sometimes a little luck. Having a good idea, the right skill set, and the right contacts can make all the difference in the success of your venture.

Moreover, side hustles present a range of opportunities. You can pick up a part-time job, start selling products on an online store or service, grow a blog for passive income, run social media accounts, or start a business. In addition, you can consider decluttering your home by selling your old stuff on Facebook Marketplace. The possibilities for starting side hustles are endless!

The Best Side Gigs to Make Some Extra Money Now

Freelance Writing Online Side Job

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Think about everything you read each day. Becoming a freelance writer is one of the fastest-growing side hustles in 2023 and one of the best ways to make money online. Chances are you visit multiple websites to read news, learn about a product or service, or purchase something. All of that copy requires a writer knowledgeable in that particular area. In-house or freelance writing professionals create practically all of the copy we read each day. 

Even more critical is finding writers that are familiar with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. SEO writing is the ability to plan, research, and create content with the intention for it to rank in search engine results. 

Content Writing & Copywriting 

All writing isn’t the same. Sometimes people use the term “content” and “copy” when referring to articles. However, there is a difference. 

Here’s an example. A copywriter sells a particular brand or product to a designed buyer. Most pieces are shorter because the primary objective is to persuade you to take a specific action. Copywriting is also a more emotional style of writing. Examples of copywriting are ads, web page content, TV and radio spots, and social media posts. 

A content writer creates longer-form pieces like articles, blog posts, white papers, podcast scripts, email newsletters, etc. Their primary objective is to inform and educate readers about a particular topic. Content writers write and spend lots of time researching issues and staying up-to-date on the latest SEO and link-building strategies.  

Some of the highest paying freelance writing projects include personal finance, cryptocurrency/blockchain, and E-books. So, think of it as yet another side hustle!

UX Writing Side Hustle

Within the past few years, a new style of writing has emerged. UX copy is a copy that appears on websites and other digital formats. For example, the copy associated with buttons, error messages, and tooltips on product pages is referred to as UX copy. Interestingly, this type of copy is vital since it helps persuade the user to take additional action or understand why they can or can’t complete an action on a website page.

Below is an example that may help you understand UX copy. Informing us about a frozen account without providing some explanation is irritating. The top example might tick some of us off. However, the copy on the bottom is slightly more informative and kindly asks the viewer to contact the company’s customer support team.

A copywriter’s objective indeed is to persuade you about the benefits of a product or service. A UX writer attempts to accomplish a similar goal and must write copy that provides instruction and advice in a clear and short format. UX writers work closely with designers and developers to ensure that the customer’s experience when visiting a webpage is productive. Given the importance of writing compelling UX copy, it’s one of the highest-paid writing jobs. 

Resume Writer Side Gig

You may think that this job might fall under the “freelance writing” category. However, I believe that writing professional-quality resumes require special skills. It is also a great way to make online.

A top-tier resume doesn’t include many complete sentences. Some have none. Resume writers gather all of your professional experience and your skill sets and combine them to produce a stellar document to get your foot into a company’s door. 

Before human resource departments employ you, many use special software programs that search for specific keywords and phrases to match your skillset with a particular job. 

Even beginning writers can earn $50 – $100 per resume with this easy side hustle. Experienced writers that produce executive resumes for C-Suite positions can make $350 per resume.

Voice Over Work

voice over work caption

A top requirement for voice-over work is having a pleasant sound voice and speaking in different dialects and accents. However, there’s much more to voice-over work than simply having a friendly speaking tone. Reading naturally from scripts is essential. Professional voice-over artists recommend enrolling in voice acting classes to learn how to maximize your sound with proper technique.

Lisa Stewart is a professional singer and recording artist in Nashville, Tennessee. She’s also a sought-after backup vocalist who developed a secondary career in voice-over talent. She also teaches people the art of becoming a voice-over artist.

“Right now, the trend is natural-sounding voices,” Lisa explained. “Companies and agencies that rely on voice-over professionals to record audio clips, phone prompts, and messages want someone to sound natural, like they are speaking with that person.

Besides receiving training in voice-over techniques, Lisa also recommends that voice-over professionals create an audio reel of a minute or less showcasing various types of voices. Of course, if you have a pleasant voice and are proficient in more than one language, that’s a huge plus.

Most voice-over artists can read and record scripts in the comfort of their homes. However, you will need quality recording equipment including a quality broadcast microphone, audio mixer, headphones, and the necessary cables to connect everything. A word to the wise: purchase high-quality equipment and learn the basics of audio editing.

Voice123 is a popular subscription website where voice actors can create a profile. Companies looking for a particular type of voice can hear short audio clips.

Online Tutoring Side Hustle

tutoring caption

Instructing students in a variety of subjects has long been a popular side hustle. The COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 generated an even greater demand for online tutoring. 

Tutoring is an excellent way to earn extra income depending on the region where you live and the subjects taught. The pay is generally higher than other freelance gigs at around $30 – $60 per hour. Tutors that specialize in test preparation for exams such as the ACT and SAT can earn slightly more at $45 – $100 per hour. 

Expertise in math, writing, science, history or foreign languages are popular tutoring subjects. 

Websites such as and Wyzant are popular and an excellent place to start. 

Social Media Management for Small Business

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A few years ago, social media managers or SSM worked primarily for medium to large companies. With all the recent changes and the growing number of platforms, small businesses of every size turn to freelancers to manage their postings.

A SSM will perform a variety of tasks. Not solely do they create posts, however, they also find images and videos to accompany the copy. Other duties include scheduling posts for the days and times to generate the most impact, running analytical reports on each platform, creating ads, replying to comments, among other tasks.

Interestingly, a recent study showed that 53 percent of Gen Z desire multiple ways to earn money instead of relying on one full-time position.

Some freelance SSMs charge by the hour, and others charge a monthly flat fee. New managers can earn anywhere from $15 – $40 per hour. Experienced managers can demand rates over $100 per hour. So, becoming a SMM is yet another great idea if you are looking for a side hustle.

Virtual Assistant Side Job

VA caption

Office assistants, such as secretaries, receptionists, administrative assistants, etc., have been a mainstay in the corporate world for over 100 years. With the advancement in office technology, combined with the power of the internet, many office tasks can be performed remotely. 

Instead of creating a client folder and filing everything alphabetically in a metal filing cabinet, virtual assistants file all their materials in a cloud-based folder accessible to anyone with the proper log-in credentials. 

Today businesses of every size may need someone to answer telephone calls, check general email accounts, create and file documents, perform keyword research, type, and perform other office duties. 

Hourly rates range from $10 – $40 per hour. As with most side gigs, experienced assistants can earn $50 per hour or more. 

Become a Transcriptionist

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Transcribing audio files to a written format is an excellent way to earn money. Many full-time, experienced transcriptionists earn $60,000 a year, or more.

Most transcriptionists begin working part-time, developing their typing skills. Besides the ability to type over 70 words per minute with no errors, transcriptionists need excellent listening skills. 

First, you’ll need transcription equipment such as a fast and affordable internet connection, a computer with at least 8MB of RAM, and a pair of quality headphones. Learning how to use a foot pedal will increase your typing speed since each time you remove your hands from the keyboard, you lose an average of seven seconds.

Legal transcriptionists and law enforcement transcribers are in high demand. See what are the best transcription jobs here. Other areas that use transcriptionists include academic and educational institutions, general businesses, medical practices and facilities, TV stations, and podcasters. 

Personal Shopping & Concierge Services

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Individuals that offer professional concierge and personal shopping services can make anywhere from $20 to $130 per hour. 

The duties of a personal shopper/concierge vary greatly. One client may want you to run to the grocery store, while another will ask you to arrange every detail for an upcoming 20-person dinner party. 

One thing that all personal concierge’s mention is that a large percentage of clients plenty of attention and expect you to be at their beck and call. It’s not a part-time side hustle you can work from 2-4 p.m. two or three days a week. 

Excellent organizational skills are a must, as is a pleasant, willing-to-please demeanor. Clients range from actors and actresses to ultra-wealthy families to a mom with three kids who occasionally need an extra pair of hands. 

Some personal concierge’s charge by the hour, while others offer a fee structure for a certain number of hours or per task. The amount you charge will depend on where you live and the jobs you’re asked to perform. It’s not uncommon for full-time concierges to earn over $75,000 annually. However, be prepared to work long and odd hours. 

Creative/Graphic Artist

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A growing number of graphic designers and creative artists are offering their skills on a freelance basis. If you have the artistic talent to create logos, podcast and album covers, banners, marketing pieces, or a host of other projects that require a creative touch, you can quickly turn a side hustle into a full-time gig.

Most graphic design artists have specialized training in art, graphic, or creative design from a technical school, college, or from an array of online courses found on websites like Udemy.

Suppose you’re already a skilled graphic artist. In that case, chances are you have the necessary equipment that includes a laptop or desktop computer with plenty of storage and memory to run several software programs simultaneously. Software makers such as Adobe offer a suite of options for almost every graphic, visual, or audio professional.

A Note On Computer Software: Many of the best side hustle and freelance jobs will require using various software programs. As mentioned, creative artists, transcriptionists, and others use specialized software programs. Other freelancers may need basic word processing and spreadsheet software. Until the last few years, most software was purchased individually and used indefinitely or until a new version became available. Today most software companies offer subscription-based options paid monthly, semi-annually, or annually. 

Proofreader Side Jobs Online

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Remember all the copy and content we discussed reading each day. Someone, usually more than one person, is tasked with ensuring all written material is concise and error-free. 

Even the best writers can be terrible when it comes to editing themselves. Trust me because I often struggle to edit myself. 

Proofreaders need a strong command of the language they’re reading. Many have undergraduate/graduate degrees in English, journalism, or creative writing. However, the necessary skills can be acquired through study, writing, and editing various types of material. 

Practically anyone that produces copy may require proofreading services. Full-time editors of newspapers, magazines, and journals often hire freelance proofreaders to review material. Companies of all sizes, bloggers, and freelancers need their marketing, sales, and internal documents to be perfect. 

Personal/Private Chef Side Job

private chef caption

Yum, at least you hope that’s what your clients mumble when they taste your succulent recipes. If you know your way around a gourmet kitchen and have expertise in preparing various dishes, then working as a personal/private chef is an excellent opportunity. Because more people choose to eat at home, private chefs are increasingly in demand.

Josh Champion, of, developed a love for cooking even before attending culinary school. Upon graduating, he worked in several Nashville, TN restaurants as a sous chef and chef. He even pitched and recorded several songs from years of songwriting sessions to country and bluegrass music executives. 

Tiring of the long evening and weekend hours that restaurants require, he moved his family to the Florida Panhandle. He soon began marketing his culinary skills to upscale beach homeowners and renters along the 30A corridor between Destin and Panama City Beach, Florida. 

For a predetermined per-person fee, Josh and his team will confirm a four-course meal, shop for the ingredients, come to your home, prepare the meal, serve each course, and clean up. What a deal! 

A four-course meal described above runs anywhere from $95 – $150 per person, depending on the menu and number of people. Josh also offers crab and shrimp boils, catering, and even in-home instruction where you can work side-by-side and learn techniques and recipes. 

Food Delivery Drivers  

food delivery job

Delivery drivers, especially those catering to the restaurant and food industry, are in high demand. The key to making money in the food delivery business is finding one or more service to keep you busy. 

Some drivers average making $15-$22 per hour, net of expenses. Drivers earning this amount usually work in busy urban or suburban areas. If you deliver food or other items in a rural area, your earning potential might be lower because there aren’t as many orders, and you’re driving greater distances.

You’ll need a reliable vehicle and a smartphone so you can download and use the proper apps. 

Financial Considerations Regarding Side Hustle Ideas & Freelance Gigs

Finding the right great side hustle idea or freelance opportunity is an excellent way to make more money or even begin a new career. However, there are a few financial considerations you’ll need to know.

Keeping track of your expenses is critical when you do a side hustle. It’s cool to earn that $25 per hour as extra money. Remember to track how much you spent making that amount. Since you’re not on anyone else’s payroll, you’ll also need to pay Uncle Sam the taxes he’s owed quarterly.

It’s wise to find a local CPA or tax professional to explain how much to set aside and when and how to pay federal and state taxes. Setting aside about 20 percent of your gross pay is recommended. 

Another smart idea is to separate your own business income and expenses from your personal accounts. This way, it’s much easier to track what you spent, versus the revenue made from your side hustle job. 

The Best Side Hustle Conclusion

Side hustle and freelance gigs aren’t solely a great way to make more money online or otherwise; however, they’re also excellent to help pay down debt (i.e., student loans, credit card debt, etc.) while developing new skills to propel you into a new and exciting career. 

Utilizing the gig economy to your advantage can also help you with financial independence. The best side hustle ideas may not be what you once thought of, so consider your options before jumping into the side hustle world.

At Ditto Transcripts, many of our full-time transcriptionists who earn the most money began working part-time. If working in the transcription industry appeals to you, complete our online employment application form to determine if your skillset will provide you with the foundation to earn top-dollar as a legal transcriptionist, law enforcement transcriptionist, or medical transcriptionist.

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