Meeting Transcriptions: Should You Transcribe Your Team Meetings With AI Transcription Software?

Clear communication is critical for any organization hoping to maximize productivity and effectively reach desired audiences. With remote collaboration becoming more widespread, meeting transcriptions can be a great tactic to retain key takeaways, improve understanding among your workforce, and convey messages to anyone unable to attend the live discussion.

However, there’s the question of how to get your meetings transcribed. Automated transcription is an option—and a popular one at that. Yet, is it really better than human transcription?

In this article, you’ll learn how: 

  • Meeting transcripts provide an accurate record of discussions to reference later for key details like decisions reached and directives given.
  • Detailed meeting transcripts make work easier because managers can clearly assign action items, and employees can refer to them for clarity.
  • For regulated industries, meeting transcripts support compliance by providing documented evidence of critical conversations for auditors.

What Is Meeting Transcription?

Meeting transcription means documenting all the mission-critical business conversations in conferences, board meetings, training sessions, or even casual office huddles.

It’s done by listening to audio or video recordings and accurately capturing the dialogue between attendees – typing up what they said and when. We’re talking proper names, technical terms, and the whole real-time play-by-play.

The end goal of every meeting transcription is to have a text document of the most crucial details exchanged and transform them into searchable transcripts that anyone on your team can reference later. 

Types of Meetings Where Transcriptions Are Helpful

Transcription is vital for different meetings. The ones below are some of the most common ones businesses often conduct. Ditto Transcripts can transcribe all of them with 99% accuracy:

Meeting TypeBenefits of Transcription
Sales MeetingsTranscripts allow sales reps to search for and recall best practices, objections, and other key details for future customer interactions.
Product DevelopmentDocumenting the rapid flow of creative ideas during these meetings ensures valuable insights aren’t lost and can be referenced later.
Investor BriefingsVerbatim transcripts create precise records of promises made, risks discussed, and returns projected for investor audits.
Staff TrainingMaking training content searchable allows it to be more easily reused for onboarding new hires.
Performance ReviewsTranscripts help substantiate consistent performance issues and guard against discrimination complaints.

Benefits Of Transcribing Meetings For Businesses

Tanscriptions of meeting recordings have many benefits for your business. Let me highlight a few of the most valuable ones to think about. 

Accurate Record

Meeting transcriptions provide a helpful audit trail—a complete, verbatim record of the discussion. Rather than relying on scattered meeting notes or memories, you can reference precise statements made, decisions reached, and directives given. 

Who volunteered for what task? What budget did we settle on? Transcripts let you search for and settle the matter in no time. This accuracy around business meetings in written format saves companies reputations, hours, and money.


Having a written transcript supports accountability in several ways. 

For instance, when meetings are transcribed, there is a clear written record of the decisions made. You can revisit conversations to clarify past agreements and commitments. Individuals can demonstrate their follow-through or explain obstacles that arose. Teams can approach meetings more intentionally, knowing the discussions will be captured.

Better Productivity

Detailed meeting transcripts make work more accessible for everyone, especially if you have a place to store them. Managers can assign action items and delegate tasks, knowing they are all documented. Moreover, employees can refer back to notes instead of from-memory summaries. Teammates can benefit from the increased organization after meetings, not scrambled reconstruction.


Meeting transcripts unlock access to what was said for more people. For example, employees who couldn’t attend still benefit from the discussion since anyone can easily reference back for clarity days or weeks later.

Anyone with different needs can engage with transcripts instead of relying purely on live conversations. You increase involvement when more team members can get value in their own timing and format.


For regulated industries, meeting transcripts supports compliance teams in many ways. Auditors can reference detailed records of decisions rather than relying on scattered personal notes or fading memories. 

Moreover, companies can demonstrate adherence to protocols by having documented evidence of critical conversations. And individuals feel accountable knowing their comments will be captured verbatim rather than summarized. 

Data Analysis

Transcripts clarify the insights in meetings through data analysis. Rather than fleeting conversations, you now have durable records to mine. Meeting length, participation rates, question counts, action items, and more—these metrics reveal efficiency opportunities.

If you have the transcripts, you can structure meetings to suit your team’s needs based on patterns in the data. Analytics also support productivity troubleshooting by exposing areas of waste. Do some participants talk ad nauseam? Do discussions drift off-topic? Transcripts can shed light so you can course-correct.


Unlike one person’s old, fading memories, a transcript record allows easy searching for quick references long after meetings conclude. Do you need to confirm a decision or presentation detail from months back? Now, you can rediscover past conversations rather than scrambling to track down scattered participants. Details resurface instantly with simple searches by date, name, or keywords. 

Should You Use AI Transcription Software To Transcribe Meetings?

Short answer: No. 

AI software doesn’t measure up to human transcriptionists’ accuracy. Not by a long shot. 

As useful as auto transcription tools have become, they still struggle to capture industry jargon, speaker attributions, side conversations, and the nuances of how things are said. Studies have found that although faster, automated transcriptions are only 86% accurate at best.

14% might not seem like a big deal, yet that could be the difference between having a clunky and distinctly unprofessional “for all intensive purposes” and the correct “for all intents and purposes” on your official meeting transcript. It happens far more often than people think.

Opting for AI transcriptions for personal meetings is acceptable since you won’t need it for anything more than a quick reference. You can use native transcription apps in Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams. You can even download free automatic transcription software from third-party providers, though we don’t recommend it.

However, if you’re looking to transcribe your next major company strategy meeting, investor presentation, or quarterly financial review, it’s best to opt for professional transcription. 

Importance Of Professional Transcription Services For Meeting Transcription

Perhaps you’re considering employing an in-house transcriber to handle your business’s transcription needs. That could work; however, hiring an in-house transcriptionist costs over $4,000, though costs vary depending on experience requirements. Not to mention the cost of facilities, equipment, constant training, and time spent. 

Thankfully, professional transcription services are available – a much better and more practical option. Opting for one has many benefits; below are the most valuable ones you can expect. 


Professional transcription companies, like Ditto Transcripts, invest heavily in training and have rigorous quality control standards to ensure over 99% accuracy. Without this level of preparation, amateurs often overlook technical terms and industry jargon critical for precise documentation.

Turnaround Time

Reputable transcription services guarantee faster turnarounds for meeting transcripts thanks to the resources and technology they utilize.

Meetings are transcribed promptly after recordings are shared, and then human experts fact-check details and format the transcripts according to client specifications. They optimize their workflows to allow them to deliver polished transcripts swiftly without ever sacrificing the quality.

Privacy & Security

Transcription services like Ditto Transcripts prioritize protecting sensitive client information. We follow rigorous data privacy protocols and leverage cutting-edge security to keep transcripts and recordings safe. 

Our systems fully comply with industry standards like HIPAA, FINRA, and CJIS. Encryption ensures files remain secured from end to end, and only authorized users can access your transcripts. 

Industry-Specific Vocabulary

Top transcription service providers like Ditto employ industry-specialized transcriptionists to ensure meetings contain accurate domain terminology. 

Our transcriptionists have extensive experience in specialized sectors like law, medicine, and technology. This comprehensive coverage enables precise capture of niche vocabulary and complex and technical discussions that AI and amateurs simply cannot match. 


Whether it’s an urgent one-hour legal proceeding with four parties arguing passionately or a sprawling technical symposium over 10 hours with muffled microphones; turnaround times must be consistent. 

Ditto can scale to accommodate meetings of any duration, number of speakers, or audio quality. Turnaround times may vary, however, for enterprise-scale transcription jobs. We will provide estimates before any work is performed to set your expectations. 

Why Should You Let Ditto Transcripts Handle Your Meeting Transcription Needs?

Being a human-powered transcription service provider shouldn’t be the only qualification. That’s why we at Ditto have a few other qualifications and guarantees for our clients: 

99% Accuracy Guarantee

When we say accurate transcription, we mean accurate transcription. All transcription projects are completed with a 99% accuracy guarantee. Sales meetings, product development meetings, investor briefings, and even performance reviews are covered under this guarantee.

100% Human Transcription

AI transcription is too susceptible to errors, especially regarding audio files with background noise, heavy accents, and multiple speakers. Poor audio quality for recorded speech is also a problem. Here at Ditto, we don’t use automated transcription solutions. We prefer to give every transcription project the human touch.

Fast Turnaround Times

Intense brainstorming regarding product development can take a lot of time. Thankfully, at Ditto, your transcripts won’t take as long. Audio recordings can be transcribed in less than 24 hours. Bulk audio and video files may take longer.

Assured Confidentiality

Business ideas can easily be stolen. Therefore, keeping things under wraps as long and tightly as possible is in your best interest—and we’re here to help. 

Business professionals working with Ditto Transcripts don’t need to worry about that. The best security money can buy keeps your information safe. Our confidentiality agreement covers all projects. Don’t believe us? Our HIPAA, FINRA, and CJIS compliance may change your mind.

Customizable Features

Do you want verbatim transcription? Speaker labels? Or perhaps you want a specific format for the transcript? We’ve got you covered. Ditto’s quality transcription services include customizable options to fit every transcription need.

Expert Transcribers

Anybody with an internet connection and the ability to type can say they are a “transcription service provider.” The difference between them and the best transcription services like Ditto is that we are experts in what we do. Our transcriptionists have extensive knowledge and experience in all things transcription. From meeting transcriptions to legal transcriptions, we’ve done it all—and have gotten glowing reviews for it.

Affordable Rates

Hiring an in-house transcriber for your business meetings is a hassle and costly enough. With Ditto, experience the industry-leading service at the most affordable rates. Our standard prices start at $1.75 per audio minute, with more budget-friendly rates for longer turnaround times. We also offer rush services when you need your transcripts within 24 hours. 

Let’s Do Business

With 99% accuracy, and don’t let crucial details slip away. At Ditto Transcripts, we provide professional meeting transcription services that leading companies rely on. Our expertise delivers rapid turnaround on searchable transcripts you can reference for years. 

Ditto Transcripts is a FINRA, HIPAA, and CJIS-compliant Denver, Colorado-based transcription services company that provides fast, accurate, and affordable transcripts for individuals and companies of all sizes. Call (720) 287-3710 today for a free quote, and ask about our free five-day trial.

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