Transcription Q & A – Finding Your First Transcription Position

Occasionally we get questions from transcriptionists by email or through our website about finding your first transcription job. Here are the most frequently asked questions and our answers.

Q: Hi, I am a recently graduated medical transcriptionist and looking for a job. It has been difficult because most companies are requiring 2-5 years experience. If anyone knows of an internship or a company who is willing to hire with just the experience learned from school please let me know.

A: We often get this question on our Facebook or LinkedIn company page. People also ask how to become a transcriptionist. It can be very difficult finding your first transcription position, as many seekers are finding out. There are a lot of qualified transcriptionists out there looking for work as well. There are several good options for transcription job seekers to help get on the right track.

Finding Your First Transcription position - Some Helpful Tips

For the most current information on companies who hire those right out of school, look at the MT message boards. Users are active and you can search other posts for companies who hire new transcriptionists. MT Stars ( has a “New MTs” board as well as a main message board that is helpful, and Work at Home Mom has a pretty comprehensive list of companies that hire new graduates. Most companies will require you to take a skills test, so make sure you skills are honed and on-point before testing.

Q: Hey, I just graduated from Career Step and was wondering if anyone will hire new graduates?

A: Ask your training program or school for help with placement. Many schools have counselors or other resources in place to help new graduates become employed. Many schools also have direct ties to transcription companies, so they can recommend graduated students to those companies.

Q: Any suggestions on finding my first Medical Transcription job?

A: Also make sure you stand out from the other applicants. Companies get hundreds of resumes a year – if not more. It helps to personalize your resume for each job you are applying for, highlighting the skills the company is specifically looking for. So for instance if a company is looking for a radiology transcriptionist, list all the relevant experience you have or the courses you took that relate to radiology transcription. Or, even better, include a personalized note or cover letter when you send your resume to the company. It helps you become more of a person and less of just another resume.

If working outside of the home is an option, look into working at a hospital or large medical center where you can learn from more seasoned transcriptionists. As those positions have more limited applicants (as you must live near the location to work there) you have a better shot of getting in without a ton of experience. Or look into doing an internship at a transcription company first before finding your first transcription position. It will mean you get reduced pay in exchange for real-world work experience, but it will also give you that vital experience you need to get your next position.

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