Reasons To Hire A Professional Legal Translation Service

A 2023 study revealed that 30.2% of sentences underwent errors when machine-translated in the context of legal translation. Every language has its quirks, and there is almost always no one-to-one direct translation or analog for specialized words. Combine that issue with the labyrinthine complexity of legalese, and you may have an inkling of exactly how … Continued

Transcription vs Translation: Highlighting The Difference

Transcription and translation are two distinct solutions that benefit organizations globally. They provide many benefits, including content accessibility, SEO boost, and improved communication. So, what is the point of difference between translation and transcription? How are translation and transcription services beneficial to businesses worldwide? Many people get confused with the functionality of transcription and solution—sometimes … Continued

What Are Professional Audio Translation Services? Benefits and Importance of Translation

As our world becomes more connected, the need for good audio translation keeps growing. Fortunately, professional translation services adapt movies, songs, audiobooks, and other media into different languages. It allows more people to connect deeply with stories and ideas worldwide. Have you ever wondered how often you come across foreign media in your daily life? … Continued

Why Create Translated Video Subtitles?

Wondering why you should create translated video subtitles? There are many things to consider when creating video content for social media. You want to ensure that your videos are timely, informative, entertaining, and inclusive. It’s this last part that I feel most content creators tend to overlook. This is why making your video content more … Continued

The Key to Comparing Video Translation Services

Are you looking for a way to take your videos to the next level or reach an international audience? Video translation services can help you reach a wide range of audiences and make a global impact. Look at it this way, you have a great video, and the problem is it’s not reaching the audience … Continued

Looking For A Transcription Service?

Ditto Transcripts is a U.S.-based HIPAA and CJIS compliant company with experienced U.S. transcriptionists. Learn how we can help with your next project!