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Fast and Affordable Translation from German to English or English to German

If you need to translate your German audio files or text with quality, accuracy, and speed, look no further than Ditto Transcripts. 

Since 2010, our company has provided best-in-class translation from German to English to clients in our home state of Colorado and beyond. With a stellar team of German language experts specializing in various industries and subject matters, Ditto Transcripts offer a wide range of professional German translation services:  we’ll take care of your business documents, marketing materials, product manuals, websites, or training content with technical and cultural accuracy, all done by our certified German translators. 

Whether you’re an organization looking to get German-English translations for business or personal use, we can provide your needs with the highest linguistic precision at the most competitive rates.

Make your next translation project a success by partnering with Ditto Transcripts.

Professional German Translators and Certified German Translation Services right at your fingertips

German and English are a distantly-related language pair, and it can be hard to find accurate German translation services that know the language well enough to understand its numerous subtleties. This goes doubly so for written documents, as peculiarities with written German words tend to be overlooked by standard German translators. That’s why here at Ditto, we pride ourselves on having the best German to English translators with years of extensive translation experience.

100% Accurate, Quality German Translation Services 

Our team, including German citizens and people with German as their first language, can produce accurate, high-quality German translations for any document or recording. Any German translation projects we handle are run through our rigorous proofreading and editing services to ensure the best German-to-English translation possible. And while our competitors are happy with 80 to 85% accuracy, Ditto’s professional translation services aim for consistent 100% accuracy, making them read naturally for German audiences. Need a sworn translation? Other language translation services? Ditto Transcripts is the translation company for you. 

From Document Translation to Social Media: Here Are German-English Translation Projects That We Cover

Ditto Transcripts translates a wide range of documents, content, and project types. Check out the list below for real-life examples of use cases we support:

  • Journals 
  • Diaries
  • Recipes
  • Academic research
  • Scientific research
  • Recorded audio and video
  • E-mails
  • Typed Letters
  • Handwritten letters in German dating back to the early 1900s
  • Books of all kinds
  • Research papers
  • News and magazine articles
  • Travel listings and guides
  • Web pages localization
  • Marketing copy
  • Product descriptions
  • Mobile app localization
  • Social media posts
  • Medical histories 
  • Physician notes
  • Laboratory results
  • Contracts
  • Service agreements
  • Court transcripts
  • Immigration papers
  • Birth certificates
  • Job descriptions
  • High school and college transcripts
  • Meeting minutes
  • Conferences
  • Focus groups

Certified translations are most frequently requested by our clients, especially for legal translation and German medical translation, so take advantage of our online translation services today.

Ditto Transcripts Is a Leading Provider of German to English Translation And Other Language Services 

Hundreds of clients have and continue to entrust us with their German-English translation projects. Here are a few reasons why Ditto Transcripts is their go-to translation provider:

Human-based translations

Ditto Transcripts does not rely on machine translation to breach the language barrier. All translations are handled by human language specialists who are native German speakers fluent in English, so we have no problems handling any project.

Although AI-powered translation software instantly translates words and phrases, real humans are built with better comprehension. Our native-speaking German-to-English translators understand a document’s intention, cultural context, need, and tone, and they can translate better than any software can — with the added benefit of being able to provide certified translations. 

Professional German translation results

Ditto Transcripts’ professional translators thoroughly read and examine both the source text and target language of every assignment to ensure a 100% accurate translation of words. With years of experience under their belts, our translators are aficionados of the German language’s grammar, sentences, pronunciation, cultural context, and various nuances. 

Once you receive your electronic files, they are ready to be shared. No need to check your German-English dictionary or proofread — we have done it all. By partnering with experts, you can be assured a 99.9% satisfaction rate every time. 

Strict vetting process

Each German document translation team member undergoes rigorous screening, training, and testing processes to ensure we consistently deliver high-quality German translation work to our clients.  

Competitive pricing

Ditto Transcripts keeps pricing simple and cost-effective. We can translate your documents for as low as 50 cents a page or $5 per audio minute—no upfront fees or contracts required. You may contact us to get a free quote for your order. For full disclosure, there have been instances when rates are higher than usual, depending on the varying word densities in each audio minute. Prices may be finalized until after translation. 

Quick turnarounds

Ditto Transcripts provides fast, affordable, and reliable German-English translation. 

We translate text for regular projects within 3 to 5 business days. We can also accommodate rush requests with a minimum processing time of 24 to 48 hours. 

Streamlined ordering process

No matter the project size or scope, you can complete the ordering process with just a few clicks. All you need to do is visit our platform, fill out our web-based order form, and upload any file you need to be translated from English into German, or German into English. Our submission page can be accessed on-demand, 24/7.

Once we’ve received your order, one of our project managers will give you a call or send you an email to discuss the essential details.

A dedicated point person will handle your project from start to finish for more efficient and consistent project management.

Industry specialization

Our professional German translators are experts in various subject domains and industries, allowing us to accommodate any and all translation needs and projects our customers request. 


Our workers are trained to handle every project with the utmost confidentiality. They also sign non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements before starting work for us. Your data is safe in our hands. 

Top-notch customer service

As one of the fastest-growing German-English translation services companies, customer satisfaction is our priority. Our client support specialists are dedicated to answering your queries via phone or email 24/7.

Do You Need Professional German Translators? Go with Ditto Transcripts

Ditto Transcripts is the company you need for hassle-free, high quality German translations. Our professional language specialists will deliver perfect electronic files that adhere to your requested format and turnaround time so you get the best value for your investment.

Aside from German-to-English translation, we also provide audio and text translation in Spanish, French, and Arabic.

If you want to learn more about Ditto Transcripts, you may reach us at (720) 287-3710. We are open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mountain Time (Denver, Colorado).

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