Busy vs. Kinda Sorta Maybe Busy

Few can contest physicians and healthcare providers when they say they’re busy. They truly are! They barely have seconds to scarf down vending machine chips for lunch, let alone transcribe and edit their patient’s medical charts because they don’t have medical transcription services available to help them.

By bringing Ditto Transcripts on board to handle your medical transcription services, time’s back on your side to juggle more administrative tasks and care for patients—the work that matters most to you. The way it should be.

For the medical field, Ditto Transcripts delivers:

  • Experienced, U.S.-based medical transcriptionists skilled in EHR and EMR systems
  • 99% accuracy for all medical transcription services—guaranteed
  • Access to speech recognition software editors
  • Rapid turnaround and on-time for fast access to medical records and reports 24/7
  • Electronic file delivery in 24 hours of less
  • Speech recognition software editing
  • Unlimited customer support services
  • No long-term contract required
  • E-signature/digital signature available

Ditto Transcripts is your turn-to for accurate and timely medical transcription services. Look at our full chart:

S.O.A.P. notes
History & Physical
Clinic notes

Chart notes
Procedure notes
Operative reports
Autopsy reports
Clinical reports

Progress & follow-ups
Narrative summaries
Board summaries
Discharge summary
Clinical trial & research

There’s no need to hire additional employees for your EHR or EMR data entry work. Consider our affordable medical transcription pricing model instead.

Security, Privacy, Confidentiality—lower your blood pressure knowing our medical transcription services are HIPAA compliant.

Physicians and approved healthcare providers have secure access to patient medical records and reports 24/7. Along with being HIPAA-compliant, we adhere to AHDI/AAMT standards. Our medical transcription services servers have security features including:

  • Detailed Reporting and Tracking Features
  • Individually Defined User Access Levels
  • Individual User Names, Passwords and PINs (immediate deactivation upon request)
  • Scaled Network Redundancy
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) Integration
  • Dedicated Datacenters
  • SSL 256-bit Secure Encryption

How to choose the right medical transcription service for you

Are you looking for a medical transcription service that gets the job done right, done on time, and done your way? It can seem at first that all medical transcription companies look very similar.  

If you go with the wrong company, you could end up spending hours editing and writing to get transcripts you can actually use as part of your patient’s medical chart. Even worse, you may not have any backup if patient files are compromised. 

On the other hand, the right company will deliver a finished transcript that doesn’t require you to do any extra work making edits. In the healthcare industry, your work is already time-consuming as it is.

Here at Ditto Transcripts, we are a 100% American, HIPAA-compliant medical transcription service that can answer all of your questions without hesitation or half-truths or non-answers. We created this business intending to give clients a finished product right away that fits all of the client’s needs. Contact us to see how we can work together.

Save money and increase productivity with Ditto Transcripts’ Online Medical Transcription Service

The current economy is forcing many health care facilities of all types to re-evaluate their business operations and transcription services are an area where improved efficiency can result in positive results to the bottom line. Online medical Ditto Transcripts can do that for every facility that isn’t already doing it.

With costs rising and budgets running tight, it is important for hospitals, clinics and surgery centers to run at maximum efficiency while offering top quality health care to patients. Along with medical attention, health care facilities must keep accurate records of patients medical history, diagnosis and reports.

Hiring skilled professionals to get the transcriptions done in-house is costly and requires internal supervision. Expensive salaries, vacations and sick days add up and must be kept track of. Outsourcing transcription can provide a solution to human resource issues so that the health care facility can focus time, effort and resources directly on patient care instead of corollary services.

Flexible Medical Transcription Options

Outsourcing does not mean hospitals will have less access to records. In contrast, medical professionals can benefit from easy online access through an organized system of encrypted files and passwords. Doctors and nurses find this especially helpful because they can easily access information 24/7 and they can easily share the transcriptions with anyone who is authorized.

In addition to easy access to records and better technology, you will also find skilled professionals when outsourcing medical transcription. A busy environment can compromise the quality of health care to patients. A medical transcription company can provide an experienced team of professionals dedicated to processing medical records without all of the inherent distractions, bureaucracy, and politics of an office or hospital environment.

Medical transcription services for hospitals, clinics, offices, and surgery centers is an easy and cost-effective way to improve overall patient care. Health care facilities will find that outsourcing to a third-party transcription services company benefits the facility as a whole. Doctors, physicians, and nurses can focus on patient care knowing that their medical transcriptions are being handled in the most professional way possible.

Ditto Transcripts is a proud member of the following professional medical associations:

CMGMA (Colorado Medical Group Management Association)

CMS (Colorado Medical Society)

CAHE (Colorado Association of Healthcare Executives)

AHDI (The Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity) 

Doctors proudly mount degrees on their walls.
We have these.

We take pride in assisting leading medical facilities for their medical transcription services needs.

medical client logos
medical transcription services client logos

When we say specific, we mean specific. We have deep medical transcription services expertise for these specialized fields.

The Best Medical Transcription Services Provide

  1. Peace of mind: Having Ditto Transcripts transcribe your patient records for you will allow you and your practice to focus on patient care and not worry about who is going to update your electronic medical records system. We provide our clients with a dedicated medical transcriptionist who will become an extension of your office.
  2. Quality control: Ditto Transcripts will help your healthcare providers save time and improve accuracy in their documentation. We can also facilitate better communication with other healthcare professionals and improve patient care by ensuring that all information is accurately recorded within your EHR (electronic health record).
  3. HIPAA compliance: Yes Ditto Transcripts is HIPAA compliant and can provide you all the necessary documentation for your CIO.  We can also add you to our corporate insurance policy as an insured entity as well as send you proof of our cyber liability policy. 
  4. Expertise:  Ditto Transcripts works with a wide range of healthcare specialties, including radiology, gastroenterology, cardiology, dermatology, neurology, and many others. We work with surgery centers, hospitals, and solo medical practice physicians of all kinds. We know your medical terminology and can accept dozens of different kinds of audio files from digital recorders if you don’t want to use our smart phone app to dictate your reports.
  5. Fair pricing: The cost of medical transcription services varies depending on the turnaround time. Ditto’s prices are anywhere from 8 cents per line to 16 cents per line for STAT reports.
  6. Flexible turnaround times: The turnaround time for transcribed medical documents depends on the volume of work and your provider’s needs. Ditto Transcripts can provide turnaround times between 2-48 hours, it all depends on your wants and needs as a healthcare facility. 

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Dr. Buchanan

Colorado Springs, CO

The setup process and working with Ditto is easy. They truly feel like an extension of our team.


Brunswick, United States

Great transcription service! Quick and accurate transcription. Helps me out a lot with my workload! Thank you guys.


I am pleased with the quality and time frames. The only issue has been their ability to generate reports in four hours, but they have improved in that area.

Zachary L. Glenn

Neurological Consultants, P.C.

Alec is great to work with and gets the job done correctly.

Dr. Robert Wolfsohn

Dr. Robert Wolfsohn

I have used Ditto since it’s inception and Ben and his staff have always been receptive and helpful. I highly recommend them.