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Transcription cost per minute varies from client to client due to each user’s unique needs and situation.

Generally, Ditto Transcripts cost per minute runs from $1.50 and $5.00. The exact price quote you receive will depend on number of variables, including audio quality, number of speakers, and turnaround time required.

Volume, turnaround time, audio quality, and number of speakers are just a few of the variables that we take into consideration setting our transcription rates.

Our basic rates have been classified into three categories: A, B & C.

Category A: Single person interview or standard one on one interview recorded in digital format.

Category B: Any interviews with a total of 3 people, any audio with significant noise in the background, and any audio that has voices that are difficult to understand (i.e. poor recording, soft voices, etc.) Verbatim transcripts will fall into this category.

Category C: Any audio with four or more speakers; presentations dealing with highly scientific terminology or very thick accents; and panel discussions, focus groups, conference calls, or seminars with multiple participants. Please call for an accurate quote. These are very hard to determine without hearing the actual audio.


  • For same day service, please inquire for your exact transcription cost per minute.
  • Ditto has the right to increase rates at any time without any prior obligation; however, we will do our best to inform you ahead of time of any rate increase.
  • Transcription fees will be higher for poor-quality audio; however, we will try to inform you prior to doing the work if we face any problem and obtain your permission on whether or not to proceed with the transcription.

Audio difficulties include and affect your transcription cost per minute:

  • Poor quality, fading in and out, static.
  • Lots of background noise that makes it difficult to hear the main speakers.
  • Low-speaking voices that cannot be heard.
  • Speakers talking long distance from the mic.

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