Case Study

Trusting error-free professionals frees up your paralegals.

Legal firms hire paralegals who often are tasked to complete transcription work to help win a case. The downside here is that paralegals don’t understand the ins and outs of transcription. In the race against time to have documents prepared before going to trial, one slip up in a transcribed document could damage their argument. All the more reason Patrick turned to Ditto Transcripts.

“I’ve been a lawyer for 10 years and I’m grateful that I found Ditto. Their friendly staff can transcribe much faster and more accurate than any of our paralegals. Now that my team has more time, they can help me with other aspects of the case.” – Patrick W.

The sensitive nature of material makes attorneys jittery on the prospect of outsourcing legal work. Understandable. Ditto Transcript’s highly trained legal transcribers earned Patrick’s trust and respect when they signed a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement before starting work for his firm.

Patrick’s firm appreciated the advantages of going with Ditto.

  • Professional team of legal transcriptionists educated in the legal field.
  • Documents certified and ready to present to the judge before trial.
  • Paralegals contribute their real expertise to their firms vs. worrying about transcribing error-free documents.

One of Patrick’s paralegals admitted it was difficult to transcribe. “I wasn’t trained to do so. It always took me a long time to listen to the audio and ensure that what I was transcribing was error-free. Yet after I would finish, I would still find mistakes! It was stressful and exhausting.”

Audio can be sketchy and it’s best to have of experts with trained ears to catch everything—especially when the difference between what you think you hear and what’s actually on the tape can make or break the case. Our staff eliminates stress by doing everything in a timely manner. Patrick was thankful how easy it was connecting with the team lead assigned to him and freeing up staffers to work on projects they’re better suited for. His firm has seen a boost in business due to the number of cases won along with not having his staff work nearly as much overtime since brining Ditto on board.

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