Case Study

Upholding the law is harder when paperwork holds you down.

For the longest time, the Arkansas State Police Department’s in-house staff had been handling transcriptions. But when a rough budget crunch struck in the late ’90s, the staff was dismissed with the investigators now handling the time-consuming duty—adding great strain to their daily duties.

Following a study conducted back in 2012, the Arkansas State Police discovered that outsourcing their police transcription would increase job satisfaction, freeing up time for investigators to concentrate on their true jobs and save money in the long run.

“Choosing a cloud-based transcription tool had a huge impact. Using law enforcement transcription has provided us with many benefits.” — Arkansas State Police

Once given the go-ahead, Major Henry La Mar (Ret.) implemented the use of Ditto Transcript’s CJIS compliant services for his 50-plus investigators. He discovered his team received many benefits:

  • Vastly improved turnaround time
  • Time freed up previously spent on typing reports
  • Cost-effectiveness: Compared expenses of forming typing pool vs. using a dedicated law enforcement transcription services company
  • Agents having capability of copying and pasting transcribed report directly to their RMS

One of the senior investigators swamped with paperwork was so elated that he sent the major an email reading, in all caps: “THIS SERVICE IS BETTER THAN ICE CREAM AND CAKE!”

More law enforcement agencies are relishing this switch. A happier workplace comes from outsourcing administrative work to the experts. Employees get more sleep. Employees work less overtime. Employees do what they were truly hired to do in the first place.

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