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Excellent transcriptions that get right down to business.

Business meetings and presentations can get pretty intense. Your focus cannot waver one iota as you capture every note with pen and paper for those unable to attend. So, the real question is, why not record the meeting and have it transcribed?

“I am a small business owner with about 20 employees. I represented us at a business convention earlier this year and attended some great lectures. My employees were counting on me to take detailed notes to share back at the office. My notes were an absolute mess and creating a document to share with the company took hours, cutting into my busy workload.” – Peggy G.

Conference calls and lectures are a wealth of information. They help any business make the best decisions moving forward in their respective industries. Often times, you’re better off recording the audio, rather than miss out on the most important parts of a lecture. The Ditto Transcripts team of expert transcriptionists pay extra attention to detail so that when they receive audio, they dot every “i” and cross every “t”. Conferences become more enjoyable, without sweating taking down detailed notes frantically. Peggy found hiring Ditto to be beneficial for her business because they provided benefit after benefit after benefit.

  • Transcribed documents that met specific requirements.
  • Their cloud-based team maintained exceptional accuracy throughout the transcriptions.
  • The transcriptionists performed several quality checks before returning the documents.
  • Transcriptionists better relate what it’s like attending these conferences. They understood how chaotic it can be to retain all the information presented at once.
  • Competitive pricing that fits with any small business owner’s budget.

Every business follows its own set of standards. “My boss appreciates notes that are full of detail but taken so that he can scan through them easily. I have my own way of taking notes that don’t align with his at all. Rather than missing the important parts of a lecture, I took the audio to Ditto. Their transcriptionists knew exactly what to do and compiled a document that aligned with my boss’ specifications.” William K.

Delighted with the job Ditto Transcripts provided, both William and Peggy hired them to continue handling all their business transcriptions—every conference call, interview, general office meeting, and video conference call. Since having Ditto take over, business and pleasure have become one and the same.

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