Has your practice become a telehealth or telemedicine practice? And you still need to document all of your patient encounters and not sure how because you aren’t that fast of a typist. We can help your practice see more patients and get your encounters documented properly and on time with our telehealth telemedicine transcription service.

EHR and EMR remote scribe transcription options

We can log into your EMR or EHR for you and transcribe as if we were in your home office with you. That way you can still see patients and get paid as quickly as before. 

Don’t let working from home or seeing your patients remotely stop you from doing your billing and making money.

Having a remote scribe like us provide you with telehealth transcription is the most efficient way to do your work in telemedicine and still not miss out on medicare and medicaid reimbursements. 

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Remote telehealth telemedicine transcription services

The American Hospital Association now reports that 76% of hospitals have telemedicine options available to their patients. With the explosion of COVID-19 in the US now fully taking hold, telemedicine is now expanding to private practice all over the country. 

Don’t miss out on the telehealth expansion and don’t miss out because you can’t document your encounters the same from home as you could from the office. Telehealth transcription services can help you stay connected and up to date with all of your billing.

We can use your exact same templates and formats as you were using from your office, so you won’t miss a beat. 

Private payers are also now accepting and embracing the use of technology which means using telehealth telemedicine transcription will help you get back to business seeing patients, albeit remotely. 

To see more of of medical specialties go to our medical transcription services page. We can get you set up today, so don’t wait, call our office (Denver, CO) at (720) 287-3710 to discuss your telehealth telemedicine transcription services options. 

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