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Do your physicians need help with their documentation in your EHR? Are you having trouble finding a reliable medical scribe or virtual medical assistant to work for you? We provide remote medical scribe services across the US and can work within any EHR or EMR you have. Including radiology (PACS)pathology (LIS)telehealth and telemedicine systems.

Having a virtual medical scribe will make your physician’s days much easier and smoother with scheduling as they will not have to do all the data entry themselves anymore.

The 5 reasons you need a remote medical scribe

  1. Same day documentation within your system done remotely
  2. Save 50% on costs using a remote medical scribe company 
  3. One less person to hire and manage for your practice
  4. See more patients per day
  5. Leave on time

Virtual health assistant options

With so many people now working from home it makes sense to check and see if your medical practice, surgery center, or hospital can also take advantage of utilizing virtual health assistants. 

Medical providers are extremely busy and completing reports in their EHR or EMR takes a long time. Having a qualified virtual health assistant to complete your medical charts is the perfect solution for busy physicians and other medical providers that simply don’t have the time to do it themselves. Having a reliable medical scribe company at your service will allow you all to have more time to do the jobs you were actually hired to do.

Dictate your reports and go to the next patient. Depending on your desired turnaround time your reports will be ready in 2 hours all the way to 24 hours. You can call in your reports, use an iPhone App, Android App, or a handheld digital recorder. All of the fields will be mapped out and your information will be inserted into your EHR or EMR as if you did it yourself.

Remote medical scribes are cheaper and better than having another employee

Everyone knows employees cost more money and that hiring, training, and keeping them onboard in a full time job in and of itself. That’s why using a remote medical scribe company is so much better for your practice, surgery center, or hospital. Let us take on the hiring, training, and maintaining for you. It is 50% cheaper and 100% better to let us do this for you so you can get back to your job of practicing medicine and not hiring new employees or typing your own reports.

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