Do your physicians and other providers struggle with your EHR/EMR? We can help your people get back to business with our EHR EMR transcription services options.

We can work with your providers to leverage your Electronic Health System so they can see more patients and spend less time behind their computer screens.

EHR EMR transcription

Using EHR EMR transcription to your advantage is the solution to your woes

We can securely interface with almost every single EHR system. Our interface offers providers the choice of traditional dictation/transcription which will deliver the transcribed reports straight into straight into your EHR or EMR. The provider can then review and approve the EHR EMR transcription directly within your EHR. The interfacing technology leverages all the advantages of your EHR, such as instantly retrieving reports, patient records and demographics as well as eliminating your providers having to type at all.

The way this EHR interface works is simple:

1. Chart notes, SOAP notes, letters, pre-ops, post-ops … are dictated by your providers.

2.  Their dictations are accurately transcribed and proofread by our transcriptionists.

3.  The transcribed dictations are converted into a format, often RTF, which can be read by your EMR or EHR system.

4.  Lastly the properly formatted EHR EMR transcriptions are sent to your EMR or EHR, automatically populating the proper text fields with the transcribed notes using an HL7 interface. It’s all 100% HIPAA compliant!

The top 7 reasons your providers should be using transcription with your EHR or EMR

1. Saves Time and Increases Productivity

Physicians are busy, as they should be – they are the primary revenue earners in your practice. Having physicians’ type patient notes into an EHR system is a waste of their time, and leads to them seeing fewer patients. Dictation allows doctors to keep their pre-EHR pace and save time, let us be your remote medical scribe.

2. Interfaces with your EHR or EMR

We will transcribe the dictated reports, then put the content into the proper EHR text field using discrete reportable transcription (DRT). This way you are still meeting the “meaningful use” requirement, and a complete and accurate patient visit record is being recorded. It doesn’t matter if you are you using Epic, Cerner, Allscripts, NextGen, or some other system within your hospital, we can interface with it.

3. Maintains Revenues

Stopping to type notes into an EHR between each patient slows doctors way down. Which leads them to seeing fewer patients per day. By using EHR EMR transcription services your providers can continue to see the same number (or more) of patients per day, keeping revenues up. It’s that simple.

4. Reduces Data-Entry Costs

Physicians are too valuable of a resource to be used for data-entry tasks. Hiring in-house transcriptionists requires paying salary and benefits. By using a medical transcription service that specializes in EHR transcription you will save money.

5. Enhances Usability and Creates Meaningful Notes

EHR transcription allows for a physician to tell the complete story, rather than worrying about using generalized drop downs, standardized questions or pointing and clicking in the EHR. Telling the complete story with dictation will clarify patient records, and lead to more comprehensive charts.

6. Increases Accuracy

Having physicians type their own notes can lead to high error rates. As you know physicians are often multi-tasking or are rushing from one patient to another. Quality and thoroughness of notes can go down. We quality check all of our reports and have a 99% accuracy rate. Also, many physicians report using the copy-paste function within their EHR, which can lead to inaccurate information being stored in a patient’s record.

7. Accelerates EHR Adoption

The training time to implement EHR adoption is, in most cases, months. That’s lost revenue for the practice, less time with patients, and unhappy doctors. By interfacing EHR EMR transcriptions system, doctors will have shorter adjustment periods.

Sub categories of EHR and EMR electronic medical transcription

  1. Remote PACS transcription for radiology
  2. Remote LIS transcription for pathology
  3. Telehealth telemedicine transcription

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