Ditto Transcripts takes great pride in being the leading provider of workers’ compensation transcription services.

Our clients appreciate our fully HIPAA-compliant online platform, which allows users to dictate and access their returned workers’ compensation transcripts 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our other easy-to-use features include detailed tracking and usage reports, unlimited use of our iPhone app, a toll-free 800 number and ability to integrate with electronic voice recorders, electronic signature capabilities and auto-fax options.

The different types of reports:

  • Medical Records Summaries and Analyses
  • Independent Medical Evaluations (IMEs)
  • Medical Chronologies and Timelines
  • Deposition Summaries and more

Let our experienced medico-legal transcription team help you get your work done efficiently and on time. We know the terminology and industry background well to transcribe your workers’ compensation transcription reports quickly and accurately.

Every new client receives a free trial, so you can give us a no obligation try as you have access to our full suite of transcription services. We will use your templates, letterhead and any specific formatting you may require during your free workers’ compensation transcription trial.

Ask us also for any client references and we’ll be glad to provide them to you. Because workers’ compensation transcription is a combination of legal and medical transcription, you need a qualified, U.S.-based service like ours transcribing for you. There’s so much at stake with these types of files and we have the personnel and experience to get the job done right. That’s exactly why you need an expert team of transcriptionists to handle any disability claim, follow-up claim or any claim that comes in.

Looking for another specialty area of legal transcription? Simply return to our legal transcription services page. Ditto Transcripts specialties are listed there. Or call our Denver, Colorado, office at (720) 287-3710 to discuss your workers’ compensation transcription services options.

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