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Law enforcement agencies conduct a lot of victim interviews, witness statements, and suspect interviews. Interviews generally happen over the telephone, via video chat, and in person. The recordings must be reviewed for reports and evidence and transcribed into text format. All of the audio and video files from these interviews and police reports can stack up, and transcribing statements can take up precious time and manpower. This is where our transcription services for law enforcement professionals comes in. They deserve better than getting bogged down by paperwork and transcribing reports late into the night and they need their energy for protecting the communities under their jurisdiction. 

Improve your workflow when you outsource your interview transcription needs

We know that law enforcement transcription can be a pain. The audio quality can be bad, people yelling and screaming over each other, and not having enough time in the day to get it done as well as everything else law enforcement personnel are required to do on a daily basis. 

Having an outside source who is experienced in law enforcement transcription can be a game-changer for many agencies. Transcribing witness statements and police interviews as accurately as possible into searchable digital text formats can greatly enhance an agency’s workflow. However, doing in-house transcription might be more trouble than it’s worth. You’ll have to hire experienced transcriptionists, vet them, do background checks, and run them through the employment process. The new employees will have sick days, vacation days, and weekends off. All of which sounds like an avoidable human resource nightmare when companies like Ditto have 14+ years of experience providing law enforcement transcription services to agencies all across the US. 

Accuracy is absolutely essential for witness, victim, and suspect interview transcriptions

Accuracy is non-negotiable for police interviews, as inaccurate transcripts can have dire consequences in the criminal justice system. In particular, poor accuracy can lead to misunderstandings and have dire consequences for both parties. For example, errors in police transcription may lead to victims accounts of the crime not being relayed accurately, and witnesses may not have their complete stories heard. Or worse yet, guilty parties can walk. 

Why human transcription is the way to go

Dictation software and mobile apps with speech-to-text technology might help, but they can lead to very inaccurate results, especially with heavy accents and loud background noises. Plus, nothing beats human transcription when it comes to understanding nuance and context. Artificial intelligence can’t certify their transcripts or be called to testify at trial either.

Ditto is the U.S.-based, CJIS-compliant law enforcement transcription service provider you’ve been looking for

Ditto’s impeccable transcription services ensure 99% accuracy and comes with the best customer service in the industry. We do verbatim transcriptions for audio files, video files, and any other type of recording. 

Not all transcription companies meet CJIS-level compliance standards, which makes their data security and privacy measures questionable at best.

Not us. Ditto Transcripts is 100% CJIS-compliant, specializing in law enforcement and interview transcription services. Our trained team of US-based professional transcriptionists provides the best law enforcement transcription services with fast turnaround times. Each transcript from video or audio files is extensively reviewed and proofread to ensure accurate transcription of police reports, witness interviews, suspect interviews and victim statements. 

Maximum security in data protection — nothing gets in or out without our say-so

We’re a CJIS- and HIPAA-compliant transcription service provider — something not every transcription service provider can claim. Every byte of data coming through our systems is protected using high-quality security measures, including:

  • High Security and Full Surveillance Recordings in All Facilities
  • Rigorous Staff Training with Extensive Background Checks
  • Detailed Reporting and Tracking 
  • Individually Defined User Access Levels
  • Multi-Factor Authentication and Encryption
  • Individual User Names, Passwords and PINs 
  • Scaled Network Redundancy
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) Integration
  • Dedicated Data Centers
  • SSL 256-bit Secure Encryption

For law enforcement agencies, Ditto Transcripts delivers:

  • 99% accuracy for all transcription services – guaranteed
  • 100% on time with electronic file delivery in 24 hours or less, if needed
  • 50% more affordable than standard internal hourly rates
  • Capable of transcribing bodycam footage
  • Customized, print-ready format for your DA and certified for court use
  • Highly trained U.S.-based transcriptionists are CJIS-compliant and have clear criminal backgrounds
  • Spanish translation and transcription for interviews
  • Upfront transparent per-minute pricing
  • Unprecedented customer service levels
  • Toll-free telephone dictation, telephone support, and a free iPhone app
  • Unlimited customer support services
  • No long-term contract required

How we process law enforcement audio/video for transcription

After receiving the digital or analog video or audio file, our transcriber carefully listens to the source material and transcribes it verbatim to a written format. Once the transcript is finished, it is rigorously reviewed and proofread to ensure complete accuracy.

When the transcript is finalized, we return it to the client in the desired digital or hard copy format. If requested, the transcription can be delivered in multiple digital formats and professionally printed documents. For the client’s benefit, the law enforcement transcript is archived indefinitely and securely with the transcription agency. When necessary, law enforcement transcripts can be certified and/or notarized.

Turnaround time can vary for different types of law enforcement transcriptions. Twenty-four to forty-eight hours is the norm for a police transcription assignment of average length. However, it is not uncommon for bulk transcriptions or larger files to take anywhere from one to two weeks. 

We also offer transcription services for the following:

  • Wiretaps
  • Recorded statements
  • 911 calls
  • Fire reports
  • Patrol reports
  • Dispatch calls
  • Surveillance footage
  • Audio or video from private investigators
  • Disciplinary hearings
  • Tribunal hearings
  • Memorandum meetings
  • Summary reports
  • Conference calls
  • Department meetings
  • Inmate phone calls (jail calls)
  • And more.

Our transcription services have been used by law enforcement agencies like:

  • Police Departments (Loveland PD, Colorado Springs PD, Indianapolis PD)
  • Sheriff’s Offices (Jefferson, Monroe, El Paso, and Washington County)
  • Federal Agencies (FBI, DEA, National Parks)
  • State Patrol and Police (Washington State Patrol, Colorado State Patrol, and the Arkansas State Police.
  • Private Security Firms
  • Detective Agencies across the US
  • Forensic Labs

Ditto will handle all your law enforcement transcription service needs

Let us become an extension of your agency. We provide a pay-as-you-go system. There’s no need to sign a long-term contract in order to utilize our industry-leading transcription service for law enforcement. 

We can help process whatever volume of police transcription you need help with. From a single internal investigation matter to overflow assistance when your police department or sheriff’s office is too busy to keep up. Or we can help with a consistent volume to help ease the officers’ or your investigator’s daily workload. 

Agencies that use our services have reduced their staff’s overtime hours, helping to improve morale and saving the department money. Not to mention our platform is easy to use and makes online law enforcement transcription easier than handwriting or typing reports.

So why search for other law enforcement transcription services when you’re already looking at the best? Give us a call at (720) 287-3710 to sign up for our services.

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