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Over 240 million calls are made to 911 in the U.S. each year. These calls are more than just pleas for help; they’re crucial pieces of evidence, providing a real-time account of incidents and emergencies. And any material is highly confidential, often bearing significant implications for defense counsel and prosecutors, should the 911 call lead to civil or criminal cases. That’s why these calls require accurate, high-quality CJIS-compliant transcriptions with quick turnaround times and customization options — all of which Ditto Transcripts provides. 

The Value of Outsourcing 911 Transcription Services

With prevalent budget cuts and burnout, 911 call centers and emergency service agencies are turning to professional transcription services to manage many of their documentation needs.

Outsourcing the transcription process reduces the workload of our 911 dispatchers and operators, who are often bogged down with paperwork. Transcription service providers ensure that transcripts are presented accurately and formally. More importantly, outsourcing guarantees a quick turnaround. The efficiency and accuracy of a professional transcription service can be a game-changer for even the best emergency service agencies across the U.S. 

The Intricacies of Transcribing 911 Calls

Transcribing 911 calls is not a simple task. It presents a set of challenges unique to this field, demanding a deep understanding and extensive experience from our transcriptionists. For instance, the audio quality might be poor, making the speech inaudible. Or, the caller might be distressed, leading to stammering, crying, or shouting, which makes the transcription process difficult.

The context of a 911 call is critical. The smallest details can impact a case, affecting innocence and guilt within the criminal justice system. The intricacies associated with these types of transcription mean that transcribers need to have the ability to transcribe accurately and verbatim, understanding and maintaining the context of each call.

The Importance of Confidentiality in 911 Calls

Utmost confidentiality should be the focus of 911 calls and emergency services transcriptions. Therefore, any service transcription provider must adhere to the highest data security standards.At Ditto Transcripts, we understand the need for this level of security. All files are treated as highly confidential. We have stringent security protocols in place, offering encryption and maintaining CJIS compliance. By adhering to these measures, we ensure that the information provided to us remains secure throughout the transcription process.

Ditto Transcripts is your solution for 911 call transcriptions. We also offer transcription for:

  • Witness, victim, and suspect interviews
  • Officer reports and case notes
  • Radio communications
  • Internal affairs matters
  • Patrol reports (video or audio)
  • Wiretaps
  • Case notes 
  • Fire reports
  • Recorded statements
  • Departmental correspondence and memos
  • Court proceedings & depositions

  • Interviews, interrogations, confessions
  • Investigative reports
  • Spanish interviews
  • Testimony
  • Body cam & vehicle cam audio
  • Verbatim transcriptions
  • Jail & correctional usage
  • EMS communications
  • Accident reports
  • And more.

The Role of Ditto Transcripts in 911 Call Documentation

Our transcribers play a pivotal role in the documentation process of 911 calls. We also cover dictations of police reports, inmate phone calls, deposition transcripts, and more. We ensure that verbal content is accurately converted into written format. 

Not only do we have to transcribe the information accurately, but we also have to understand the context and small details of the content. A missed or misinterpreted word can change the meaning of a sentence, potentially affecting the outcome of a case. Therefore, accurate transcription is an essential part of our process.

For 911 contact centers and law enforcement agencies, Ditto Transcripts delivers:

  • 99% accuracy for all transcription services – guaranteed
  • 100% on time with electronic file delivery in 24 hours or less, if needed
  • 50% more affordable than standard internal hourly rates
  • Capable of transcribing bodycam footage
  • Customized, print-ready format for your DA and certified for court use
  • Highly trained U.S.-based transcriptionists are CJIS-compliant and have clear criminal backgrounds
  • Spanish translation and transcription 
  • Upfront transparent per-minute pricing
  • Unprecedented customer service levels
  • Toll-free telephone dictation, telephone support, and a free iPhone app
  • Unlimited customer support services
  • No long-term contract required

Pay-As-You-Go: Making Transcription Services Accessible

We understand that every emergency service agency and law enforcement department has different needs and budgets. That’s why we offer a pay-as-you-go system. With this approach, you only pay for the transcription services you need when you need them. There are no long-term contracts, and you can adjust your usage based on your department’s workflow.

Our transcription services have been used by agencies like:

  • Police Departments (Loveland PD, Colorado Springs PD, Indianapolis PD)
  • Sheriff’s Offices (Jefferson, Monroe, El Paso, and Washington County)
  • Federal Agencies (FBI, DEA, National Parks)
  • State Patrol and Police (Washington State Patrol, Colorado State Patrol, and the Arkansas State Police.
  • Private Security Firms
  • Detective Agencies across the US
  • Forensic Labs

The Ditto Transcripts Process 

The Ditto Transcripts process is designed to deliver high-quality transcription solutions quickly and accurately. Here’s our process:

  • Receiving the audio or video file from the client
  • Careful and accurate transcription of the file
  • Rigorous review and proofreading to ensure accuracy
  • Delivery of the transcript in the client’s desired format
  • Secure and indefinite archiving of the transcript

Experience the difference with Ditto Transcripts

Don’t let our 911 contact centers and emergency service agencies get bogged down with paperwork. Outsource all your law enforcement transcription needs to Ditto Transcripts and experience the difference. Our professional transcription service with impeccable accuracy will ease your workload and improve efficiency. Get a free trial or contact us at (720) 287-3710 to sign up for our services. 

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