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While sending your audio and video recordings via post or carrier pigeons (if you’re into the classics) would be novel and stylish, the Internet has made things infinitely easier for companies that want professional transcription services. Ditto Transcripts, the number one outsourced human transcription service in the market, offers online transcription services for various industries. 

Easy Upload And Access

These days, everyone has a computer or smartphone, making it easier to access the Internet from anywhere. Ditto’s online transcription service leverages that functionality to provide total access to clients wherever they are. 

Need audio files or video recordings sent to our professional transcribers? Access our secure online portal or send us an email. You can also get our mobile app and send your audio recordings. 

Need your transcripts right here, right now? Access the same portal and get your completed transcripts immediately. 

With us, audio and video transcription is easy—and it will always be that easy. We designed our entire service with our clients’ convenience in mind—because you’re our priority. 

Secured Online Transcription Service

The Internet is a wondrous thing, containing the sum of all of humanity’s knowledge, plus your favorite cat videos and personal information. It’s the last one that many people want. 

In 2023, 352 million people were affected by data breaches. For businesses, compromised personally identifiable information can lead to financial losses, privacy violations, legal consequences, regulatory violations, loss of business, and loss of trust. 

Furthermore, audio and video files can contain sensitive information you entrust to your online transcription service provider. Unfortunately, not all providers are inclined to invest in security. 

Not Ditto Transcripts. Our services come with comprehensive security protocols that ensure every bit of data goes to the right people. Our measures include: 

  • Detailed Reporting and Tracking Features
  • Individually Defined User Access Levels
  • Individual User Names, Passwords, and PINs (immediate deactivation upon request)
  • Scaled Network Redundancy
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) Integration
  • Dedicated Data Centers
  • Encrypting All Data With SSL 256-bit Encryption
  • Employee Background Checks
  • Translators Willing To Sign Non-Disclosure Agreements

We’re also certified by CJIS and HIPAA—something not all online transcription services can claim. So, have your audio transcription done by a certified and secure service like us, and you won’t have to worry about data breaches as you upload your audio files. 

Automated Transcription? Nah, Human Transcription All The Way

An image depicting AI vs Human Transcription.

Automated transcription services are touted for their cheapness, lightning-fast results, ease of use, and current popularity in the technological zeitgeist. Yet, are AI-powered transcription processes all that they’re made out to be? 

Well, AI transcription can best be described as “accurate enough.” Enough for what? Personal dictation notes, reminders, or one-off projects that don’t require highly accurate results. The latest tests indicate that auto-transcription methods are only 86% accurate at best. 

So, maybe it is good enough for a quick grocery list if you don’t mind getting occasionally confused about buying “a gallon of silk” for breakfast. 

However, 86% accuracy will not suffice for transcripts used in professional settings, such as legal cases, business analytics, law enforcement reports, and academic papers. 

Ditto Transcription only uses humans to transcribe your audio or video files. Humans run our entire process, from transcribing audio to proofreading and completion. Our human transcriptionists can provide more than 99% consistent accuracy for all projects. 

So, for accurate transcription, don’t settle for AI solutions. Choose Ditto’s human-powered transcription service every time. 

We are a leading full-service transcription company trusted by organizations all over the US.

Anyone can use Ditto Transcripts’ online transcription services. We’ve typed for universities, meetings at large corporations, small real estate firms, and Fortune 100 companies. 

Our online transcribing services are easy to use and can be customized for any scenario. We can also certify your transcripts if you need them. We don’t require a long-term contract—you only pay for the transcription services we process for you.

You can upload your audio or video files to Ditto Transcripts through our encrypted HIPAA and CJIS-compliant web platform, use our toll-free call-in number, or use our free iPhone app. 

If you need a rush request, please call, email, or text our office and your dedicated team lead transcriptionist will take care of it as soon as possible.

Accurate Transcription With Fast Turnaround Times And Affordable Rates

Online transcription services must be able to deliver results on time. Otherwise, they risk overturning the entire point of online services: convenience. They might as well send their transcripts via Homing Pigeons

That’s why at Ditto, we offer fast turnaround times from three to five business days. 

Want to ease up on your budget? We offer extended turnaround times for more affordable rates and get results within two weeks. 

Want faster turnaround times? Avail our rush service and get your transcripts within 24-48 hours. 

And don’t worry—no matter how fast you need your transcripts, our deliveries will maintain our 99% accurate guarantees. 

Ditto’s Online, Human-Powered Transcription Is The Solution

Don’t roll the dice on AI transcripts or settle for untested, non-compliant transcription providers that are more trouble than they’re worth. 

So, work with Ditto and experience the best online transcription service. Our services come with the following perks. 

100% US-based, Expert Human Transcribers

Our team isn’t filled with robots. We have professional transcriptionists who understand the various subtleties of human speech. Every transcriptionist is an expert in specific fields, so we won’t have problems maintaining our high quality, no matter what industry you’re in.


Not all audio recordings are created equal, and we understand that some may contain sensitive information. For that reason, Ditto Transcripts is HIPAA and CJIS-compliant. You can sleep well at night knowing that your content is secured with us.


Service costs aren’t an issue with us; you don’t need to pay a fortune to get the best online transcription service. Our cost-effective standard rate is $1.75 for legal, law enforcement, business, academic, and general transcription projects.

Satisfied transcription service seekers 101. (Not a real course, just real clients).

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We Also Offer 24/7 Customer Service

Humans run our customer service process—not chatbots. We take the time to understand your requirements and will gladly assist you with technicalities or answer any questions for a smooth customer experience. 


Our transcription services aren’t just about accuracy and meeting the client’s requirements. Do you need a verbatim transcript that captures every “um” and “uh”? Or do you need a polished version for a blog post? Do you need speaker identification or time-stamped transcripts?

We can modify the transcript to satisfy your needs and ensure you get exactly what you need.

We will seamlessly integrate our transcripts into your current working process—it’ll be as if we’ve been part of your team all along.

No Long-Term Contracts

It doesn’t get any more pay-as-you-go than this. Our transcription option offers no long-term commitments. Give us as much or as little work as you need, and we’ll do it with our signature accuracy and quality.

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