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Almost every department within a business uses interviews for research, recruitment, or legal transactions. Most of the time, interview recordings need to be played and replayed back and forth to extract the essential information, which will take hours, even for a short one.

That’s why transcribing your interviews is essential. That way you won’t have to go through the hassle of repeatedly rewinding your audio or video files to get the information you are looking for.

With interview transcription, you can review any recording simply by reading, easily reference the materials to find information, expedite data analysis, share the meeting content with anyone, and highlight key points discussed.

Simply put, a readable text will help you and the rest of your team focus on the tasks that matter the most to you.

If you’re looking to outsource the labor-intensive task of transforming an audio file into a written format, you can rely on Ditto Transcripts to do the work for you. We offer general transcription services at the most competitive rates, so you get the most bang for your buck.

The Benefits of Interview Transcription Services

Aside from its time-saving benefits, our interview transcription services offer several more advantages for your business. Let’s take a look at each of them below.

Enhanced online presence

Google can’t crawl and index audio and video interviews, meaning these forms of media can’t help your website rank higher.

Written content is still king (at least for search engines), so publishing more of it on your website is advisable. Interview transcripts can help you do just that. Whenever you upload videos on your website, you can post the transcripts, too, to boost your SEO efforts.

With improved rankings, your target audience will be able to find you more quickly; plus, you might even attract new ones.

Increased accessibility

Interview transcripts make your video recordings accessible to people who are hard of hearing and those who aren’t native English speakers.

Some interviewees may also have foreign or thick regional accents, and not everyone may understand them, making transcriptions more essential.

Transcripts also cater to different learning styles and greatly benefit people who absorb information better through reading than listening.

Ease of editing

If you’ve done casual interviews, you’d know they often contain dialogue that doesn’t necessarily contribute to the conversation.

With an interview transcript on hand, you can easily remove information you don’t want to publish. You can also edit the interviewee’s statements (with their permission, of course) before sharing the transcript with others.

In other words, transcribing interviews allows you to create polished stories more quickly than writing your articles straight from the recording.

Straightforward access to content

Replaying a video or audio recording would require using a phone, tablet, or computer. Unlike interview transcripts, which can be printed and consumed discreetly, these devices may not always be on hand or operable.

Also, if you’re concerned about the security of sending files online, a transcript can be handed over personally or mailed to your recipient—sans any digital footprint.

Improved interview skills

Even if you consider yourself an interview pro, there is always room for improvement. There may be instances where you feel like you didn’t get the most out of an interview, which could leave you wondering if you asked the right questions.

An interview transcript allows you to review the conversation more easily and spot patterns you might need to avoid. It can also help you identify which questions got the most thoughtful responses so you’d know to ask them again in the future.

And if you’re the one always being interviewed, reading your answers will help you gain better insight into the responses you provided. Were they smart? Were you beating around the bush? A written transcript will help you answer those questions.

Why You Should Use Our Professional Transcription Services

Producing an accurate transcription is challenging and time-consuming, especially if you do it yourself. That’s why many professionals outsource the work to audio transcription companies, like us, that can do it better and faster.

At Ditto Transcripts, we understand that your days are filled with business meetings, conference calls, and presentations, which all take up a substantial amount of your time. Our dedicated team of transcribers is here to take on your transcription projects, so you can save time, energy, and resources.

Ditto Transcripts’ Human Transcription Services Feature:

  • Fast turnaround times: We deliver your transcripts on time, every time. We can even fulfill your requests within 24 hours if necessary.
  • Accurate transcripts: We have a dedicated transcription editor who triple-checks every document produced to ensure perfect transcripts every time.
  • Specialist transcribers: Have an interview recording from a niche industry, with heavy accents, background noise, crosstalk between multiple speakers, or specialized terms? Don’t worry we can handle it. Every member of our team underwent extensive testing and training in order to deliver high-quality transcription, regardless of the difficulty.
  • Security and confidentiality: Our professional transcribers sign confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements before being onboarded. Your sensitive or personal data is safe with us. Our online platform is HIPAA and CJIS compliant as well.
  • Customized transcripts: Need time stamps, speaker names, verbatim transcript, or closed captioning? Whatever you need, we will process your documents according to your exact specifications.

We Transcribe All Types of Interviews

No matter what type of interview transcription you need, our services Ditto Transcripts can do it for you.

  • Celebrity interviews
  • One-on-one interviews
  • Radio interviews
  • Market research interviews
  • Police interviews
  • Job interviews
  • Legal interviews
  • Virtual meetings
  • And more

Why Ditto Transcripts

We’ve been leading the industry since 2010, providing accurate interview transcription services to clients in our home state of Colorado and states coast to coast.

Each interview audio is processed by human transcribers, so we can always guarantee superior-quality transcription and industry-leading turnaround times. Our transcriptionists are also trained in many different industries, so they can handle any jargon and specialized terms thrown at them.

Our interview transcription pricing starts at $1.75 per audio minute. If you’d like to take us for a test drive, you can try us out using our free trial. This one’s on us—we won’t even ask for your credit card details. All you need to do is fill out a single-page form to enjoy 1,000 lines or 60 minutes at no cost.

So, let’s get started. Call us at (720) 287-3710 for more information. We’re open between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. (Mountain Time) Monday through Friday.

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Great job: fast turnaround, incredibly accurate,
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Ditto Transcripts is transparent about how they operate and can show proof about every claim they make like insurance, security, and compliance. And my investigators were able to be out in the field instead of typing interview transcripts all day.

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Great work! The best transcription!!! Prompt and accurate transcription.

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The setup process and working with Ditto is easy. They truly feel like an extension of our team.

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