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Speeches are typically delivered to inform, influence, or entertain an audience. People from all walks of life give them, including teachers, celebrities, politicians, journalists, and ordinary folk.

That said, not all speeches are created equal. There are some speeches that are so simple that you immediately get the message after hearing it once. While a few talks or speeches you’ve heard in the past need repeated perusal—either because they’re too complex or so beautiful that consuming them once is not enough.

Whatever the purpose, having a speech transcription on hand is beneficial. A written version of an address will allow you to better comprehend and deconstruct it to uncover what it is (or is not) saying.

Important public speeches like the well-renowned “I Have a Dream” by Martin Luther King have been passed down through generations because their readable transcript is widely available both online and offline.

Ditto Transcripts’ academic transcription services can provide your needs if you require a speech transcription. Our professional team of transcribers will process your audio and video files and convert them into accurate transcripts tailored to your specific requirements, so you can save time and money.

We Transcribe the Following Types of Speeches

Ditto Transcripts’ professional transcription services cover a wide range of speeches, including:

Entertaining speech: A speech that aims to amuse a crowd and is often less formal and shorter than traditional speeches. This includes birthday messages or a best man’s speech at a wedding.

Persuasive speech: A speech that helps convince an audience, such as a lawyer’s speech about a particular client to a jury.

Informative speech: A speech delivered to educate listeners about a specific subject. This includes lectures given by zoo guides or travel guides.

Impromptu speech: A speech made on the spot without any preparation. This usually takes place in schools, networking events, or business meetings.

Pitch speech: A speech delivered to gain support or approval for a specific solution, product, or idea. This includes addresses by salespeople or office presentations designed to get your colleagues and managers on board with a particular concept.

Demonstrative speech: A demonstrative speech is like an informative speech; the only difference is that the speaker actually demonstrates how something works. This includes presentations made by tech companies on how to use their new devices.

Explanatory speech: A speech that describes a situation or a thing by providing a breakdown of how to do/use something with a step-by-step process. This includes food talk show hosts teaching viewers how to make a particular dish.

Special occasion speech: A speech that doesn’t follow a set format and aims to fit the occasion being celebrated. This includes addresses made when accepting an award or those given to introduce a speaker or guest.

Debate speech: A speech that follows a specific set of rules with both sides speaking on behalf of their view or opinion.

Motivational speech: A speech that aims to inspire listeners. This is usually given by coaches, mentors, and industry leaders.

Farewell speech: A speech delivered to say goodbyes to a group of people, e.g., when leaving a workplace or moving abroad.

Funeral speech: A speech made to honor an individual who recently passed away. This is typically given by a loved one of the deceased or a minister.

What Sets Ditto Transcripts Apart From Other Service Providers?

Our dedicated team of professional transcriptionists provides accurate and secure speech transcription services to ensure 100% client satisfaction. Our company offers:

  • Human services: We believe nothing beats the human touch. Our skilled human transcriptionists can handle even the most complicated transcriptions better than any automatic speech recognition software or AI-based transcription services can. With highly trained ears, our team isn’t bogged down by heavy accents or poor audio quality.
  • Industry-leading accuracy rates: Producing high-quality transcripts is our priority. Once delivered, your speech transcripts are ready to be shared or printed—no need to check for grammatical errors. We’ve done all that for you to ensure maximum accuracy levels with every file.
  • Customized transcripts: We offer transcription services tailored to your needs. Need verbatim transcripts, closed captioning, or time stamping? Tell us about your special requests, and we’ll follow them to a T.
  • Quick turnarounds: Our audio transcription services are lightning-fast. We guarantee a 24-48 hours turnaround time for rush transcription requests.
  • Lowest prices: Reliable transcriptions don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. That’s why we offer our speech transcription services at a reasonable price, starting at $1.50 per audio minute.
  • Confidentiality of files: Our transcribers sign non-disclosure agreements and confidentiality agreements before starting work for us. Before onboarding, they also undergo extensive screening, testing, and criminal background checks.
  • The best customer service: As one of the fastest-growing transcription companies online, customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our customer support specialists are dedicated to answering your questions via phone or email.
  • Free trial: If you’d like to take us for a test drive, you can try us out using our free trial—no credit card required.

Ditto Transcripts Provides Top-Notch Speech Transcription Services

If you need hassle-free and cost-effective transcription services, Ditto Transcripts is here to help. Our experienced transcribers will deliver perfect transcripts that adhere to your requested format and turnaround time, saving you precious time and money.

Since 2010, our company has provided accurate transcription services to many clients in our home state of Colorado and beyond. We look forward to doing the same for you as well.

Curious? Call us for more information, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our affordable transcription services. You may reach us at (720) 287-3710. We are open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mountain Time (Denver, Colorado).

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Great service, company, and work! We have been using this company for years to get transcriptions done for research projects. They always provide competitive rates, super quick responses, and amazing turnaround times. They are a pleasure to work with, and I refer everyone to them when they are looking for transcription services.

Jerry Yudelson

Great job: fast turnaround, incredibly accurate,
reasonably priced!

Henry La Mar

Retired Major, Arkansas State Police

Ditto Transcripts is transparent about how they operate and can show proof about every claim they make like insurance, security, and compliance. And my investigators were able to be out in the field instead of typing interview transcripts all day.

Steven T. Mandelaris Esq.

Great work! The best transcription!!! Prompt and accurate transcription.

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Colorado Springs, CO

The setup process and working with Ditto is easy. They truly feel like an extension of our team.

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