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Higher education deserves high-end professionalism — and Ditto Transcripts delivers. Ditto provides academic transcription services that can meet and exceed all academic standards.  Our experienced team transcribes lectures, focus groups, interviews, seminars, research projects, and so much more. You have enough on your plate already. It’s our goal to get you your quality academic transcripts completed on time and without any hassles.

We don’t settle for anything less than the best when we test and hire our transcribers for transcription needs. Most of our academic transcriptionists are college-educated right here in the United States and know the terminology and lingo associated with higher education settings. We won’t split up your files between multiple people, and we guarantee 99% accuracy all the time.

Enhance your learning environment with our transcription process

Educational transcription requires a delicate touch, as even the smallest mistake can seriously affect any study, lecture, or research. Speech recognition, dictation programs, and other automated transcription software can have issues with background noises, multiple speakers, and poor audio quality. 

That’s why here at Ditto, we only provide 100% human academic transcription. Our team of professional transcriptionists can transcribe everything. Whether it be audio or video recordings of lectures, interviews, or meetings —  you name it, we’ll have it done with our guaranteed high accuracy rates. Not only that, every transcriptionist we work with is under strict confidentiality agreements, so you can trust that any verbatim transcriptions are secure. 

Let us know if you require any specialized formatting, and we’ll customize your documents to fit any project specifications. Every transcription project is subjected to rigorous quality checks and proofreading to meet our quality transcription standards. Projects are delivered in digital file formats, all searchable for ease of use. 

So don’t leave your lectures and research interviews to speech-recognition programs or shoddy mobile apps. Get your academic transcription from the best.

Many respected universities turn to us:

  • New York University (NYU)
  • University of Colorado, Boulder and Denver
  • Columbia University
  • Florida Atlantic University
  • Middle Tennessee State
  • City University New York (CUNY)
  • University of Virginia (UVA)
  • Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU)

Transcription Projects for University Students

Missing key points is a common occurrence when note-taking during a lecture. Think. Your professor is rattling through things while you’re furiously typing away on your computer. It can be tough to keep up. With Ditto Transcripts’ services, we give you the most accurate class notes possible. Reviewing lectures has never been easier. With a well-transcribed document, you can now forget trying to remember what you scribbled in your notebook.

Turnaround is crucial when it comes to accurate transcripts. As a busy academic, we understand that you must study for that next big exam that makes or breaks your GPA. Don’t worry. Ditto Transcripts’ experienced transcriptionists can transcribe your audio and video files promptly, so you have plenty of time to review them for your next big exam. 24-hour turnaround time is guaranteed for files of moderate length. Bulk or long audio files may take longer.  Our normal turnaround times are 1-2 business days,  3-5 business days, and 6-10 business days, depending on the length.

Transcription for Dissertations 

If you are a doctoral candidate, it may have taken you nearly a decade to get your dissertation on track. You want the finished product to be a thorough, professional presentation with compelling content of your knowledge, theories, and research. So, you’ll do what it takes to get it right. You’ll lay out all of your information and research, so it all makes sense. You’ll spend a lot of time organizing your final thoughts.

Then you’ll have to type or transcribe all of your interviews yourself. Eventually, your years of hard work will have to be transformed into a manuscript of book-length chapters. Even if you have flawless keyboard skills, the typing process can be tedious. It can also add a lot of time to your already busy graduate student schedule. 

Academic Research Transcription Services

Many different professions can benefit from using outsourced transcription. Anyone conducting interviews or focus groups and gathering all kinds of information for research purposes will greatly benefit from partnering with Ditto Transcripts.

Market researcher: When you’re asking the opinions of different people from varying demographics, it would be easier, quicker, and more organized to record your interviews, phone calls, or focus groups and have them transcribed afterward. It’ll allow you to be a better participant in your research if you’re recording them and not scrambling and worrying about taking notes.

Qualitative researcher: When you’re studying the human side of the equation and need to make sure you don’t miss anything, that one little thing could be the reason the subject answered the questions the way they did. Recording those interactions and interviews will be a very important step in your process.

Psychology professionals: When you’re conducting studies on different disorders and ways that behavior modification or certain medications can help or hinder patients, free up time to do more interviews or studies by using transcription services.

Transcription for Lecturers

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Our service supports those giving the lecture in many ways. As a lecturer, it pays to have your lectures recorded in either video or audio. It gives you something to review at the end of the term. Yet, going through hours of video or audio is tedious and time-consuming—a less-than-ideal scenario for a professor. When you use transcription services from Ditto Transcripts, we give you a written record of an entire semester’s worth of your work. All transcripts of lectures can be made available in a variety of formats, from docx, txt, or pdf. 

Academic Transcription For Enterprise At Your Fingertips

Unlock the vast trove of benefits of academic transcription—without worrying about deadlines. 

Ditto offers scalable solutions for all academic institutions and organizations. Whether you need high-volume transcription for hundreds, or even thousands of hours of audio/video, or the occasional guest lecture transcribed, we can meet your needs. 

Provide unparalleled accessibility and inclusivity without having to bankrupt your school. Ditto’s standard pricing starts at $1.75 per audio minute, with faster turnaround times for time-critical transcripts or more economical rates to fit tighter budgets. 

Benefits of Enterprise Academic Transcription Solutions

Along with our broad range of perks, we also offer these to enterprise clients: 

  • Transcription for all educational levels: We provide enterprise solutions for all educational institutions, from primary to doctoral level. 
  • Lecture and seminar transcription: Transform your lectures and seminars throughout the semester into written records for faster distribution and wider accessibility options. 
  • Multimedia course enhancements: With transcripts, you can offer alternative formats for educational materials, giving your students more options and accommodations. 
  • Research support: Support your researchers and enhance your school’s academic prestige by acquiring research transcription at scale. You can also improve publication timelines by removing significant bottlenecks like manual qualitative data study. 
  • Language support: Get all the support and services you need in one place. Ditto’s extensive services include translating Arabic, French, Italian, Spanish, German, and other languages. 
  • Accommodations for foreign students: In 2023, more than one million foreign students were studying in the US. Make your learning experience accessible to foreign and exchange students by enlisting our transcription and translation services. 
  • Legal compliance: Protect your institution today as you safeguard tomorrow’s knowledge. With transcription and captioning, your academic institution is assured of meeting Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements, helping you avoid hefty fees and expensive legal settlements. 

We also offer faster delivery times or more economical rates for different budgets.

Please call (720) 287-3710 for enterprise pricing.

Academic Transcription Services for all your educational needs

Ditto Transcripts offers services for academics of all types. We’ll handle everything to ensure accurate, timely, and affordable documents for your projects. Send us your file and take us for a test drive, or check our FAQS. For any other questions, you can connect with us at (720) 287-3710.

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Ditto Transcripts is transparent about how they operate and can show proof about every claim they make like insurance, security, and compliance. And my investigators were able to be out in the field instead of typing interview transcripts all day.

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The setup process and working with Ditto is easy. They truly feel like an extension of our team.

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