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If you need academic transcription services, Ditto Transcripts will help you unlock the full potential of your study by delivering accurate transcripts of your recordings exactly how and when you need them, so that you can focus on the other core tasks of your dissertation-making process.

Interviews are often an essential requirement for completing primary research-based dissertations. If you conduct lengthy interviews, recording them and taking down notes as they happen might not be enough for you to analyze your findings thoroughly. This is where dissertation transcription services will come in handy.

Aside from peer-reviewed studies, academic literature, and lectures, conducting interviews is one way for students to collect the data they need for their papers.

Having your interviews transcribed will give you a fuller picture of your conversations with your respondents, allowing you to gain a deeper insight into the information they shared with you.

We Provide The Following Dissertation Transcription Services

Our professional transcriptionists can transcribe the following types of materials:

  • Group discussions
  • Seminars
  • Face-to-face interviews
  • Phone interviews
  • Student notes
  • Academic symposia
  • Classroom lectures
  • Powerpoint presentations
  • Podcast downloads
  • Webcast downloads
  • Press clippings
  • And more

Why Outsource Dissertation Transcription

Transcribing your own audio and video material and doing all of the research work can be extremely difficult to juggle.  That is why most university students prefer to hire a dissertation transcription service company that will help ease the burden for them.

Here are the top two reasons why you should consider outsourcing your dissertation transcription:

1. Transcribing a dissertation will take considerable time and effort, especially without experience. This robs you of time you could have otherwise spent studying, researching, and writing the dissertation itself. That’s why leaving the work to the experts is always recommended.

2. There is no room for typographical errors and grammatical mistakes in dissertations. That’s why transcription companies have professional editors who ensure your transcripts are 100% accurate. And turning in a high-quality dissertation will impress your instructors, helping you earn that coveted professional degree and, ultimately, land your dream job.

The Advantages of Dissertation Transcription

If you’re a PhD candidate and still on the fence about having your audio or video recordings transcribed, here are the top three ways a professional US based transcription company can help you complete your dissertation more efficiently.

It saves you a ton of time

Mining for the information you need is much more difficult if you only have raw video or audio recordings to review. You would have to play and replay them repeatedly to compile and organize your report, which will take up a lot more of your time.

With a transcript, you can easily find information with a simple “Ctrl+F” command or highlight memorable quotes or statements from your respondents.

Aids analysis

Having a written version of your recorded interviews allows you to examine the data gathered more efficiently and in greater detail than going back and forth through multiple audio files yourself.

Improves the interview experience

Knowing you’ll get a transcript of your interviews allows you to be in the moment and removes the need for frantic note-taking. This will enable you to ask more thoughtful questions and improve the interview flow, so you can get more qualitative data than merely relying on scripted questions.

Helps organize data

A wise man once said, “The only difference between screwing around and science is writing it down.” Well, actually, it was Adam Savage who said it, but the point still stands. 

Dissertations or theses require data collection from interviews, focus groups, and other recorded content. These often come in the form of audio or video recordings because, really, who has the time to scribble everything down? You’d also have to contend with mountains of paperwork afterward. 

Transcribing this content can help grad students store, search, and organize data collected from their sources. Transcripts can be uploaded and accessed from anywhere with any device with an internet connection or storage capabilities, like smartphones and laptops. 


Data analysis necessitates precise data sets to gather the most relevant details for the study. Unfortunately, having researchers take down notes while watching interviews may cause inaccuracies in collected data. Fatigue and stress can cause misinterpretation or errors, further tainting the data. 

Transcripts present the fullest and most accurate representation of recordings. By implementing transcription, grad students can maintain the accuracy and integrity of their data-gathering processes for their dissertations. Of course, these benefits can only be gleaned from accurate transcripts. However, some transcription processes produce more accurate results than others.

Easy quoting and referencing

Having transcripts makes it easier to reference specific participants in your paper. 

Accurate quoting and referencing can enhance the validity and credibility of your arguments and overall study, ensuring that context is maintained and every nuance is observed and recorded for referencing. This is important from both a researcher’s and a participant’s standpoint.

Meets ethical standards

Maintaining the ethical requirements of research is an important lesson for many students. Any research study done in the academic field should protect the dignity, privacy, rights, and welfare of everyone involved. Furthermore, any ethical research must ensure the integrity of research results, including any participant’s right to be represented as accurately as possible. 

Aside from that, grad students must understand that it is their social and professional responsibility to maintain the public’s trust in science. Any research project or dissertation must present data as objectively as possible. 

Transcription can help with this by presenting an objective, unfiltered data view. Verbatim transcripts are the best for this, as they capture every word and utterance during the research interviews.

Faster preparation and presentation

So you’ve racked up hundreds of hours of recordings while gathering data. What now? Do you sit and spend hours listening and writing down every detail you need from the recorded audio? Or, maybe, you need to deal with the scattered notes taken during the interviews.

Avoid all these issues by transcribing audio. The final transcripts are all searchable, allowing you to breeze through the data-collection process and save precious time. Additionally, reading and presenting transcripts or parts is easier than listening to audio or video content snippets. 


Higher education institutions are often equitable, providing the same opportunities for everyone and accommodating students with disabilities (in this case, specifically those students who are deaf or hard of hearing.) They, and by extension, you, should enhance accessibility for everyone. 

Having audio and video recordings transcribed makes your content accessible to students with hearing issues. Captions can be placed on the video themselves, or transcripts can be prepared and provided to those who need them. 


It doesn’t matter if you have a high volume of recordings for transcription. Professional transcription companies can work with any demand and get it transcribed within their guaranteed time frames.

Why Ditto Is One Of The Best Academic Transcription Services Right Now

academic transcription services infographic

Take a look at what we offer and see why we’re the most accurate and reliable transcription service on the market. 

99% Accuracy GuaranteeWhen we say accurate transcription, we mean accurate transcription.
All transcription projects are completed with a 99% accuracy guarantee. Dissertation and thesis transcription, focus group transcription, interview transcription, or research transcription — all of them are covered under this guarantee.
100% Human TranscriptionAI transcription is too susceptible to errors, especially regarding audio files with background noise, heavy accents, and multiple speakers. Poor audio quality for recorded speech is also a problem.
Here at Ditto, we don’t use automated transcription solutions. We prefer to give every transcription project the human touch.
Fast Turnaround TimesWe know dissertation writing and qualitative research can take a lot of time. Thankfully, your transcripts won’t take as long.
Your audio recordings can be transcribed in less than 24 hours. Bulk audio and video files may take longer.
100% ConfidentialIt’s not all that common, but unscrupulous individuals can steal dissertation research for their own gains.
University students working with Ditto Transcripts don’t need to worry about that part, though. All our systems and processes are covered by the best security money can buy. All projects are covered by our confidentiality agreement.
Don’t believe us? Perhaps our HIPAA and CJIS compliance can change your mind.
Customizable FeaturesDo you want verbatim transcription? Speaker labels? Or perhaps you want a specific format for the transcript?
We believe dissertation research work is hard enough without rigid transcription rules. Ditto’s quality transcription services include customizable options to fit every transcription need.
Expert TranscribersAnybody with an internet connection and the ability to type can say they are a “transcription service provider.”
The difference between them and the best transcription services like Ditto is that we are experts in what we do. Our transcriptionists have extensive knowledge and experience in all things transcription.
From legal transcription to university transcription, we’ve done it all—and have gotten glowing reviews for it.
Affordable RatesStudying in a university is expensive enough as it is without tacking on ridiculous transcription bills.
With Ditto, experience the industry-leading service at the most affordable rates. Our prices start at $1.50 per audio minute.

What Sets Ditto Transcripts Apart From Other Service Providers?

Our dedicated team of US based transcriptionists provides the highest level of both professional and secure dissertation transcription services to ensure 100% client satisfaction. Our company offers:

  • Human transcription service: We believe nothing beats the human touch. Our skilled human transcriptionists can handle even the most complicated transcriptions better than any automatic speech recognition software or AI-based transcription services could. With highly trained ears, our team isn’t bogged down by heavy accents or poor audio quality.
  • Industry leading accuracy: Maximum accuracy in transcription is our priority. Once delivered, your high-quality transcripts are ready to be shared or printed—no need for further quality checks. We’ve done all that for you already.
  • Customized transcripts: We offer transcription services tailored to your needs. Need verbatim transcripts, time stamps, or speaker tracking? Just tell us about your special requests, and we’ll follow them to a T.
  • Quick turnarounds: Our academic transcription services are lightning-fast. We guarantee a 24-48 hours turnaround time for rush requests.
  • Lowest prices: Reliable transcriptions don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. That’s why we offer our dissertation transcription services at a reasonable price, starting at $1.50 per audio minute.
  • Confidentiality of files: Our transcribers sign non-disclosure agreements and confidentiality agreements before starting work for us. Before onboarding, they also undergo extensive screening, testing, and criminal background checks.
  • The best customer service: As one of the fastest-growing transcription companies online, customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our customer support specialists are dedicated to answering any of your questions via phone or email.
  • Free trial: If you’d like to take us for a test drive, you can try us out using our free trial—no credit card required.

Ditto Transcripts is Your Reliable Dissertation Transcription Partner

If you need a hassle-free and cost-effective dissertation transcription service, Ditto Transcripts is here to help. Our experienced transcribers will deliver perfect transcripts that adhere to your requested format and turnaround time, saving you precious time and money.

Since 2010, our company has provided accurate transcription services to a myriad of students in our home state of Colorado and beyond. We look forward to doing the same for you as well.

Curious? Call us for more information, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our affordable transcription services. You may reach us at (720) 287-3710. We are open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mountain Time (Denver Colorado).

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