A Beginner’s Guide to Video Transcription

Videos have changed the way we share and absorb information online. They’re an engaging way to grab people’s attention across various platforms. Depending on the creator, videos can break down complex ideas, tug at your heartstrings, and leave a mark that sticks with you—whether you want to learn something new from YouTube or just be … Continued

Best Ways to Repurpose Video Transcripts

Creating video content is no walk in the park. Filming videos, recording podcasts, or webinars that grab people’s attention takes time and resources. So, wouldn’t it make sense to maximize their potential? One of the best examples is repurposing video transcripts into other media types by leveraging professional video transcription services. So, what are the … Continued

How to Get Free YouTube Video Transcripts: A Step-by-Step Guide

Wondering how to get free YouTube video transcripts? You know how valuable YouTube transcripts can be if you’re a YouTuber or a content creator. They can make your content more accessible and improve your SEO. You can also reuse some parts of the content more easily. Plus, some people simply prefer reading while watching. Luckily, getting YouTube transcripts is … Continued

The Most Accurate Way To Transcribe A Zoom Meeting

Virtual Zoom conferences have become the norm thanks to the pandemic, whether for school, with your friends, or for work. And, sometimes, you may need to revisit parts of your zoom call where important points were made. The problem is that you have to skip ahead or fast-forward within the file to find what you’re … Continued

How To Accurately Transcribe a Microsoft Teams Meeting in Word

Like most people, you probably use Microsoft Teams for work meetings. But what if you need to transcribe those business meetings to reference what was said later? Luckily, it’s easy to do with the right tools. Virtual meetings (i.e., virtual court hearings) are becoming increasingly popular as more and more organizations switch to remote work. … Continued

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