Tips to Improve the Audio Quality Of Your Recordings

Background noise can mess up the quality of your audio recordings to the point that you cannot understand them, and this can get frustrating, especially if you’ve made too many attempts. I relate to this as we, too, receive a significant amount of poor audio-quality recordings that need to be transcribed very accurately. If you’re … Continued

How to Get Free YouTube Video Transcripts: A Step-by-Step Guide

Wondering how to get free YouTube video transcripts? You know how valuable YouTube transcripts can be if you’re a YouTuber or a content creator. They can make your content more accessible and improve your SEO. You can also reuse some parts of the content more easily. Plus, some people simply prefer reading while watching. Luckily, getting YouTube transcripts is … Continued

The Battle of Transcription: Human Expertise vs. Machine Efficiency

Ever wonder what happens if we compare human expertise vs. the machine? Since time immemorial, human transcriptions have aided the conversion of spoken words into written text. However, more and more new technologies, such as ASR, are becoming available for automated transcription. Some people think manual transcribers are slowly becoming obsolete due to this development, … Continued

The Benefits Of Transcribing Sermons

Sermons, such as homilies or other spiritual teachings, have always allowed missionaries like priests or pastors to spread the good news across communities. However, missions face challenges: language barriers, audience retention, and online presence in this modern, digital world. Many religious organizations now choose to transcribe sermons to reap its benefits.  However, manually transcribing sermons … Continued

Medical Transcription: A Solution to Challenges with Electronic Health Records

Although healthcare professionals do their best to maintain accurate documentation, mistakes can still happen—that’s just human nature. However, many of these mistakes have life-threatening consequences. Fortunately, this problem can be solved by one thing: accurate medical transcription services that provide a practical approach to minimizing electronic health care records errors.  The question is, how can … Continued

AI Transcription Services And Tools: How Can Artificial Intelligence Benefit You?

AI is a popular buzzword these days. Businesses from all over the world are announcing AI-powered this and AI-fueled that, seemingly to generate hype. The transcription industry is no exception; dozens of services now provide automated audio transcription that can transcribe anything from your dictations to your Google Meet recordings. However, is real-time AI transcription … Continued

How Can Academic Transcription Services Support Learning?

We can all agree that COVID-19 has drastically changed our education system. For instance, virtual classrooms became the primary means for learners and educators to interact. Without the pandemic, most learners and teachers would never have become too well-versed in video chatting, teaching, and learning. However, as it becomes increasingly popular, modern challenges arise, such … Continued

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