The Benefits of Clinical Trial Transcriptions and Translations

Clinical trials are the force behind medical breakthroughs, and precise data collection is a huge part of their success. However, how can they ensure that even the tiniest bit of information is documented and accessible to other researchers worldwide? This is where clinical trial transcription and translation services come into play. In this article, you’ll … Continued

Guide for Teachers: Tips and Strategies to Improve Online Teaching

Even after the pandemic, e-learning is a popular method for colleges and universities worldwide to improve online teaching methods. However, the transition to online teaching has its challenges as instructors grapple with the new teaching norm. How can teachers engage students online, and—more importantly—how can they leverage the benefits of academic transcription?  In this article, … Continued

The Importance of Transcription for Video E-Learning

If students aren’t used to it, taking classes via video (e-learning) requires some getting used to. Video material lets teachers capture students’ attention better than droning on in a Zoom call. However, while videos have weaknesses, using academic transcription services for e-learning videos solves those problems. In this article, you’ll learn how transcripts: What is … Continued

The Benefits of Transcription in Virtual Learning

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated transcription in virtual learning environments for higher education, prompting institutions to adopt technological solutions for advanced online courses quickly. Academic transcription became a pretty handy solution in this context as it lets students consume educational content more efficiently. However, the impact of virtual learning on student skill development is a complicated … Continued

Top 10 Online Learning Trends Dominating Education

Since the 2020 global pandemic, online learning trends have dramatically evolved. As technology advances, new learning methodologies, such as gamification, automation, academic transcription, etc., have emerged, and the rapidly growing e-learning market has surfaced. The online learning industry is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 18.6% from 2023 to 2030. Today, the … Continued

How Can Academic Transcription Services Support Learning?

We can all agree that COVID-19 has drastically changed our education system. For instance, virtual classrooms became the primary means for learners and educators to interact. Without the pandemic, most learners and teachers would never have become too well-versed in video chatting, teaching, and learning. However, as it becomes increasingly popular, modern challenges arise, such … Continued

Best Transcription Services for Online Courses: Transcription For Learners & Educational Institutions

Online classes increasingly rely on video lessons. However, studying from long videos can easily overwhelm students. Imagine how helpful it would be for students if you used an academic transcription services provider to transcribe your online courses. Creating accurate transcripts for your video lessons by hand is hugely time-consuming for students and course creators, though. … Continued

How Archival Transcription Can Help Your Archives

History can fade—anyone working in a library can tell you as much. Efforts to preserve original documents with historical significance can only ever work for so long, and these precious pieces of history need to be handled to be studied, further exacerbating matters. Important audio recordings can also suffer from degradation of their chosen medium. … Continued

Transcription For E-Learning – Subtitling And Video Transcription Services

As online education expands its reach, making digital content comprehensible and accessible becomes crucial. This is where transcription and subtitling services come in handy. By converting audio narration into text and adding captions to video, transcription services boost engagement for e-learning, allowing both students and facilitators to reap the benefits. In an increasingly technology-enabled education … Continued

Qualitative Research Transcription And How Transcripts Improve Research Methodology

Science is not all about numbers. Qualitative data analysis, which uses non-numerical data, is an important research process for social sciences to market research. Unlike quantitative data, qualitative data is much more complex to collect, analyze, and use. Transcription, the process of converting audio or video data into digital text, can significantly help the qualitative … Continued

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