How to Transcribe Phone Calls Like a Pro

Have you ever wished you could go back and listen to or read a transcript of a conversation you had over the phone? With text messaging and chat apps, phone calls are seen as a thing of the past. So when we make a phone call these days, it’s almost always for something significant. After … Continued

How Long Does It Take To Transcribe 30 Minutes of Audio

Wondering how long it would take to transcribe 30 minutes of audio? Indeed, if you have a backlog of audio files waiting to be transcribed, it’s essential to have a realistic time frame for your project’s completion. This way, you can manage expectations. Producing an accurate transcript requires skill and experience, especially for longer and … Continued

The Most Accurate Way To Transcribe A Zoom Meeting

Virtual Zoom conferences have become the norm thanks to the pandemic, whether for school, with your friends, or for work. And, sometimes, you may need to revisit parts of the call where important points were made. The problem is that you have to skip ahead or fast-forward the file to find what you’re looking for—a … Continued

How To Transcribe A Conversation: 3 Incredibly Easy Methods

Have you ever wanted to discover what was said during a meeting or an interview without hearing the audio or watching a video? Gone are the days when pen and paper were the only tools to preserve essential conversations. Whether your project is personal, work-related, or industry-specific, we can convert speech into a tangible, written … Continued

Don’t Get Scammed – Making Sense of Your Transcription Bill

Transcription bill rates can vary greatly based on what Ditto Transcripts company you choose. And there is a great variety among transcription companies in how they charge customers. So how do transcription companies calculate their pricing, and what should a business look for when comparing transcription prices? Different billing methods There are several different ways … Continued

The 2 Main Ways To Transcribe Voice Memos

When someone can’t write something down or wants to dictate voice memos quickly, they can use hand held digital voice recorders or smart phone apps to record their ideas or important information. These speech recordings can be converted into text format using audio transcription services. Thoughts, reminders, or personal notes can be recorded using the … Continued

What Does Transcribe Mean?

If you’re confused about what the term “transcribe” means, we’ll go through it.  We will also go through the different types of transcriptions, and how much transcription services cost in this article. To transcribe is the process of creating a written copy, particularly a typewritten copy, of dictated material, notes taken during a lecture, or … Continued

How to Slow Down Audio to Transcribe?

Do you have audio you need to transcribe and need to slow it down because you can’t make out what’s being said? Don’t worry – there are several clever solutions to help you slow down the playback and pick up every detail with minimal effort. Whether it’s a podcast, recorded lecture, video file, piece of … Continued

How To Accurately Transcribe a Microsoft Teams Meeting in Word

Like most people, you probably use Microsoft Teams for work meetings. But what if you need to transcribe those meetings to reference what was said later? Luckily, it’s easy to do with the right tools. Virtual meetings (i.e., virtual court meetings) are becoming increasingly popular as more and more organizations switch to remote work. While … Continued

6 Secrets To Improve Your Typing Speed

Most careers require computer-based work, and typing skills are essential. So, it’s no surprise folks search for ways to improve their typing speed. For example, professionals must have good typing skills because they often write emails, documents, etc. Typing accuracy is necessary for a typist since even a few typos can cause widespread problems in … Continued

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