The Challenges of Law Enforcement And Crime Transcription

When the heat is up, tempers tend to rise, and there is a notable increase in criminal activity. Police officers, law enforcement professionals, and other members of the US criminal justice system carry the brunt of the increased crime wave’s impact. Even outside of summer, violent crimes are a concern that takes up most of … Continued

Voice Transcription: Why You Should Outsource it to a Transcription Service Provider

Voice transcription apps are everywhere these days, and they’re getting cheaper. Sometimes, they’re even free. As a result, businesses, healthcare professionals, lawyers, and law enforcement personnel are starting to look into getting one to transcribe their voice recordings instead of transcribing them themselves or outsourcing them to a transcription service provider. Fair enough, because free … Continued

Technology Changes Everything – The Evolution of Transcription

Technology has seeped into every facet of our lives. Smart home devices, smart cars, whole libraries of audio and video content, and the entirety of human knowledge accessible from a device that fits neatly in our pockets. Transcription is no exception — there seems to be no stopping the change. From its roots in Ancient … Continued

Crime Rates in Summer Always Spike Up- How Officers are Coping

Ah, summertime. Warm weather, blue skies, family picnics, lazy beach days — and increased chances of people committing violent crimes. Behavioral analysts, psychologists, statisticians, police officers, and other law enforcement professionals have known for years that there is a measurable increase in crimes during summer. Why is that? And what can we do to help … Continued

We Shall Overcome…. Legalese

Legalese — legal writing — is, more often than not, confounding to a person not trained in law. There is a reason it needs to be taught in law schools — no other education or experience prepares you to draft contracts or write briefs in the language of the law. And, that includes the people … Continued

Factors That Affect Transcription Accuracy Rates

Transcripts are easily accessible, digitally searchable representations of recorded audio or video information. They make it easier for users to get what they need from the recordings. This is why transcription services are heavily utilized by businesses that produce and depend on recorded information, either audio or video captures. Such industries include law enforcement agencies, … Continued

Don’t Get Scammed – Making Sense of Your Transcription Bill

Transcription bill rates can vary greatly based on what transcription company you choose. And there is a great variety among transcription companies in how they charge customers. So how do transcription companies calculate their pricing, and what should a business look for when comparing transcription prices? Different billing methods There are several different ways transcription … Continued

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