What’s The Difference Between A Medical Scribe And A Medical Transcriptionist?

Though often mistaken for one another, medical transcriptionists and medical scribes have key differences. Knowing these differences allows healthcare professionals to choose which documentation specialist suits their practice, giving them more value for their money while ensuring efficiency and accuracy.  In this article, you’ll learn how:  Definition Of Medical Transcriptionist And Medical Scribe Medical transcriptionists … Continued

Medical Transcription Services For Private Practices

The phrase “medical field” is almost synonymous with “paperwork.”  Studies have found that clinical physicians spend one to two hours on top of their regular 8-hour work day to keep up with daily paperwork. If you run a private medical practice, you know the feeling of trying to understand rambling record notes and dictated recordings … Continued

Expectations vs Reality in the Transcription Industry

The sudden boom of remote work during the pandemic has led to massive shifts in the workforce dynamic. Interest in work-from-home jobs is at an all-time high. Forbes’ “Remote Work Statistics And Trends In 2023” article claims that 98% of employees interviewed by Buffer.com prefer to work remotely at least some time. Transcription is near … Continued

What is Transcribing Audio?

When we see people transcribing audio files and typing away at their keyboards, it’s easy to think, “This looks like an easy, cushy job. How hard can it be to type what you’re hearing?”  “Harder than some people think,” is the answer. Audio transcription can be a challenging career, with an ever-present demand for efficiency … Continued

What Does It Take To Become A Medical Transcriptionist?

Are you interested in a medical transcriptionist career? I don’t blame you; the medical field always needs skilled professionals who can transcribe accurately and efficiently. In addition to competitive salaries, medical transcription offers many perks. In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about being a medical transcriptionist and what it takes to … Continued

Benefits of Transcription Services For Different Businesses

Despite sounding simple, audio transcription plays a significant role in many industries. Transcripts can be used to win court cases, record essential business meetings, and improve SEO content scores. The demand for transcription services is growing, and the industry is predicted to grow by 17% annually through 2032. In this article, we’ll look at the … Continued

A Comprehensive Guide to Legal Transcription Services

Lawyers, paralegals, and other legal professionals are no strangers to paperwork. Their industry’s precise and sensitive nature requires a lot of legal documents and recordings, which then need to be converted to text format for research, preparing for a depostion, storage reasons, or court use. This is where legal transcription services step in. Legal transcriptionists … Continued

Medical Transcription For Healthcare Providers

The COVID-19 pandemic was a brutal shock to the medical industry. The influx of patients requiring life-saving care called for doctors and nurses to work around the clock, often forgoing rest and their own well-being to serve the community’s needs. Thankfully, that is all behind us now. Still, the pandemic has highlighted a potential weakness … Continued

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