3 Questions to Ask Your Outsourced Transcription Service Provider

Outsourcing is now a vital part of operating a business, and it’s no longer limited to traditional processes like customer services, human resources, and parts manufacturing.  Specialized functions like transcription can now be outsourced, with several U.S.-based and offshore companies offering their services to various industries like law enforcement, legal, healthcare, academic, and business.  With … Continued

Don’t Get Scammed – Making Sense of Your Transcription Bill

Transcription bill rates can vary greatly based on what transcription company you choose. And there is a great variety among transcription companies in how they charge customers. So how do transcription companies calculate their pricing, and what should a business look for when comparing transcription prices? Different billing methods There are several different ways transcription … Continued

The Best Side Hustle Jobs In 2023

Earning extra income or passive income through a side hustle or part-time jobs in 2023 can pad retirement accounts, reduce student loan debt, or help you save for a major purchase. Individuals from all backgrounds and education levels can use their skills, spare time, and talents to make more money. In this article, we’ll examine … Continued

How to Take Meeting Minutes Effectively

The Importance of Taking Meeting Minutes  Having accurate meeting minutes are crucial in ensuring effective communication and documentation within organizations of all kinds. These concise summaries capture what was said during a meeting, including discussions, decisions, and proposed solutions, providing a valuable reference point for participants and stakeholders in board meetings and other similar types … Continued

College Students and Freelancing

College Students and Freelancing: Making Side Gig Money While in College You’re told that the years you’re in college are the best of your life. Generally, that’s true, and it conveniently skims over one small detail: money. The cost of tuition, bills, study materials, clothes, toiletries and socializing all add up, and when you’re studying … Continued

What Is HIPAA?

HIPAA – Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act HIPAA stands for: Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, and it requires that healthcare facilities (hospitals, clinics, and private practices…) who have access to Protected Health Information (PHI) take actions to ensure the protection of their patient’s data. Anytime a healthcare facility outsources a service, the service … Continued

How to Transcribe a Podcast

Transcribing podcasts is similar to transcribing other audio and video content. There are multiple ways to transcribe a podcast audio file, from do-it-yourself to artificial intelligence (AI) formats, to paid professional podcast transcription services. So if you are providing podcast hosting services or organizing and conducting podcast interviews, check out our recommendations on how to … Continued

How to get podcast transcripts

The popularity of podcasts continues to grow. With a low barrier of entry, almost anyone can start a podcast on virtually any topic. While podcasts are almost all audio-based without any video, many podcasters convert or transcribe their audio file or video file into a written or text format. By having their podcasts transcribed it … Continued

Who are the worst spelling colleges?

Reddit has become a place where questions and queries of any kind can be answered, and while anyone from around the world can access the platform and join the discussion, the subjects covered by Reddit are infinite. For this reason, students from colleges across the world have begun to use the platform as a forum … Continued

Transcriber – What are they?

Today a lot more people prefer to work remotely than in the past, and many are earning $60,000 or more providing transcription services and working as a transcriber. Several job titles use the word “transcriber” when describing job skills. This article will explore the role of individuals with superior typing and listening skills who transcribe … Continued

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