How to Transcribe Phone Calls Like a Pro

Have you ever wished you could go back and listen to or read a transcript of a conversation you had over the phone? With text messaging and chat apps, phone calls are seen as a thing of the past. So when we make a phone call these days, it’s almost always for something significant. After … Continued

How To Transcribe A Conversation: 3 Incredibly Easy Methods

Have you ever wanted to discover what was said during a meeting or an interview without hearing the audio or watching a video? Gone are the days when pen and paper were the only tools to preserve essential conversations. Whether your project is personal, work-related, or industry-specific, we can convert speech into a tangible, written … Continued

Four rules to take a business from troubled to thriving

Most businesses launch as a result of need in a certain marketplace, in response to demand for a specific product, or with an innovation or more efficient service offering. A business may thrive for many years fulfilling the needs of their specific market and consumer demand. But inevitably, in the majority of industries, businesses have … Continued

Google Glasses Being Used by Some Law Enforcement Agencies

Law Enforcement agencies are always finding new ways to use technology; today some law enforcement agencies are testing Google Glasses. Google Glasses is basically a wearable computer that is currently being developed by Google. The Glasses are connected to the internet and responds through voice commands similar to a smartphone, but without using any hands. … Continued

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